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2018 Capricorn Love and Relationship Horoscope | Capricorn Marriage

2018 Capricorn Love and Relationship Horoscope, Capricorn Marriage Predictions

Capricorn Date Range: 21 December – 19 January

The Romance for Capricorn 2018 is a favorable time period and he/she might be lucky and find the love of life. A Capricorn person will enjoy dating in the year 2018 and would look forward to getting the perfect love partner. It is not in the nature of the Capricorn to search hastily for love. The Capricorn is a patient person and a time bound search would always ensure fruitful love in the end. As such, the Capricorn would take ample time to find love and the perfect match and may also take years before making the final move.

The Capricorn is advised to date like-minded people with whom he/she feels comfortable and at ease. For the committed Capricorns, the loving relationship would be rock steady until the month of May when there might be a hurdle in between.

In 2018, the planets would remain much favorable for the Capricorn and especially the love planet Venus who would bring love to the Capricorn this year. The Venus retrograde timing of the year 2018 would be a good period for reassessing the love life of the Capricorn. If the Capricorn is a single person and recently is seeing someone, it is advisable to wait until planet Venus has entered before deciding on the relationship. For the married Capricorns, old issues would reemerge again and tag on for some time. However, the Capricorn should understand that these are just phases in life and it would eventually pass off.

The love planet Venus would enter the romance period of the Capricorn from April 1st to May 25th. This time period if perfect for love and romance and the Capricorn would feel love and romance blossoming in the air. Under the Capricorn Love horoscope 2018, from April 21st to May 22nd, the Capricorn would meet new people as the Sun shines on the love life of the Capricorn. For the introvert and the stay at indoors type Capricorn, in 2018 he/she would be more inclined to go outside with the Sun shining bright on his/her life.

The planet Uranus would stimulate the romantic life during the month of May. It is this time that the Capricorn would find himself/herself going on a date or entering into a relationship. This new turnover can be quite surprising and unexpected one for the Capricorn who is mostly all by himself/herself.

Committed Love and Relationships

Decisions about commitment and a solid future relationship would be unsettling for the Capricorn. Saturn on the edge would ensure the Capricorn doesn’t take hasty decisions and the Moon ruling the marriage sector would keep the Capricorn guessing about the love partner. It is advisable for the Capricorn to take ample time before deciding on the betrothal. As the Moon is sitting in the partnership zone, it would influence decisions about serious partnerships and marriage of the Capricorn.

The time period for partnership of the Capricorn is May 20th to June 14th and is a good time for weddings and to move in as a solid couple. It is also a good time to develop the relationship and help make a Capricorn happy. Though the Capricorn may not be ready enough, but the topic of partnership will eventually emerge. Every year when the love planet Venus passes through the life of the Capricorn, the person would find love and romance being the centre front of his/her life. Post this, as the Sun shines on the Capricorn from June 21st to July 22nd, this time would give the Capricorn a good partnership love life. For the married Capricorns, the relationship will blossom during this time period and the Capricorn Man’s Heart would be warmed with love by the spouse. The

Lost Love and Partnerships

The Moon as a planet for the Capricorn isn’t good as it won’t be strong enough two times in 2018. These times would affect the love and partnerships of the Capricorn as the Moon rules the marriage sector. The first lunar eclipse of 2018 would be on January 27th, when it is advisable not to make any changes in the partnership situation of the Capricorn. The second lunar eclipse would be on July 13th when Cancer lies in the relationships sector of the Capricorn. This time may be a serious energy reduction time for the Capricorn in marriage or serious commitment area as the reflected light of the Moon is covered by the Earth’s presence. There might be a change in the behavior and reactions of the Capricorn during this time. Though the time period isn’t lengthy enough, it would bring in few days when the love life may darken in the shadow. The Capricorn Marriage Horoscope 2018 says the love planet Venus retrogrades from time October 5th to November 16th is not at all a favorable time for the Capricorn to get married or go for a committed relationship.

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