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Best and Worst Relationship Matches for Cancer Zodiac Sign

People born under Cancer sun sign are typical home bodies who love to be surrounded by their family and loved ones. Their favorite place on the planet is home. They get very easily emotionally attached with people around them. For them, it is always the more, the merrier. They love to stay grounded and always nurture their near and dear ones with love, affection and care. They are sometimes very moody and it is difficult to know the reasons for their mood swings. They are the first ones to laugh and they are also the first ones to cry. They are very secretive when it comes to sharing their innermost feelings.

This article brings a list of best and worst relationship matches for Cancer sun sign based on the level of compatibility they share.

Best Relationship Matches for Cancer

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn and Cancer share amazing compatibility which makes a perfect couple. They both a wonderful money managers which makes their finances smooth. They both are patient listeners and deep thinkers. Capricorn is a little shy and takes time to open up but is also very loyal towards his love. Cancer finds his true love in Capricorn because he is able to find a perfect partner to whom he would love to return back home after a hectic day at work. They both feel comfortable and contented in each other’s company.

  1. Scorpio

The dominance of Scorpio is able to gel well with the homely nature of Cancer. Both of these sun signs strike perfect chords of love. Cancer respects Scorpio despite his critical nature. This is one sign who learns to take the critical comments of Scorpio with a positive spirit which is very important for their relationship to stay smooth. These two make a wonderful couple but they need to keep adding some spice to their relationship to add more fun to their life.

  1. Pisces

Pisces and Cancer make up beautiful association as they both are able to understand each other very well and are also able to connect with each other’s feelings. There are times when Pisces feels negative about life and finds himself in a depressed mode, it is the power of love of Cancer which can pull him the bad phase. Pisces need to be loved and he needs to be taken care of and Cancer is one Zodiac sign which is able to nurture him with tender love and care thereby strengthening their bond of love.

Worst Relationship Matches for Cancer

When it comes to the worst relationship matched with Cancer, there is again a list of sun signs which do not make a good match for them. The ones which top the list have been mentioned below:

  1. Gemini

Gemini and Cancer are way too different from each other. Gemini is a colorful personality who loves to party, go clubbing, meeting new people and enjoying the social attention. This is very different from a Cancer as he loves to be home, surrounded by his intimate people sipping coffee and eating cookies. He is not much into social gatherings and parties. This turns out to be a difficult situation for them to strike a balance. Gemini enjoys a fast paced life with something exciting happening every day. This is so not the kind of life Cancer is comfortable with. This makes them a couple who would always keep fighting and arguing.

  1. Aries

Aries are known to be the worst love match for Cancer sun sign as their relationship is full of clashes every now and then. Aries is too self-centered and bold for Cancer. They both are powerful sun signs which come with strong self expression but somehow the sensitive home body nature of Cancer is not able to strike the right chords with the spontaneous and dominating Aries. Aries find it very difficult to deal with the moods of Cancer.

  1. Sagittarius

Another sun sign which doesn’t not make a good match with Cancer is Sagittarius. Though when they meet for the first time, there is an amazing attraction which brings them close. There is a spark which sets the mood. But as they both get to know each other, they start realizing that they are so different from each other. Sagittarius, who is a free spirit, who loves to wander, enjoy adventure and a free life finds it very difficult to manage life with Cancer who loves to stay home. They are very different personalities with tastes that are poles apart.

These are the best and worst love matches for Cancer sun sign.


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