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Capricorn Love and Relationship Horoscope 2014

2014 Capricorn Love and Relationship Horoscope

2014 horoscope predicts a year of changes in love equations for people born under this Zodiac sign. Capricorns are expected to face a tough time in their love associations because of a transit of South Node through the 5th House. Those who are already committed or married, they may start doubting their partners because of these changes in the first few months.

Likewise, the start of 2014 is not a very good time for those who are single. It is not a positive time to start a new relationship. You need to wait for planetary positions to change.

With the advent of the second quarter, you will experience goo d changes in your life as things will start working in your favor. The month of April is expected bring good news to the Capricorns who are single and looking for a match. Taurus, Virgos and Librans are probably the best possible matched for you.

This is also a great time to enter into commitments like marriage. And for married couples, it will be a romantic time for them to enjoy their association and spend quality time with each other. As the year will progress, love will get intense.


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