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Capricorn Personality and Characteristics

Capricorn Personality and Characteristics

The personality traits of Capricorn sun sign make them a stable person in life. They have a practical approach towards life. Before taking any decision, they deeply study all the facts. They are very disciplined and focused in life. They are ambitious and always have a glorious goal in life. They put in all their energies and hard work to achieve their goals. They don’t believe in taking mindless risks. They always live a calculated and sorted life. All these positive traits make them great achievers.

But like everyone else, Capricorns also have some negative traits in their personality. They are always self-centered and shy. They take time to open up and talk to people without hesitation. They have a negative approach towards life as they lack the confidence to go against the odds and make things happen in their favor. They are very stubborn with their opinions and thoughts. What they have thought is the best.

They have their own mood changes; sometimes they are funny and sometimes very serious. They don’t get emotionally involved with people that easily. But they are great individuals who are sensible, calm and mature.



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