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Everything You Need to Know About Attracting a Capricorn Man

How to Attract the Capricorn Man

The most common traits of a Capricorn man make him calculated and practical. Capricorn man defined by Linda Goodman is compassionate. Capricorn man in love & relationships is always very loyal. He is someone who plans everything he putting his thoughts into actions. He is at times conservative but he is always chivalrous. He doesn’t reveal his emotions so easily and you really need to win him to know him deep inside. In relationships, a Capricorn man is quite complicated as he is so easy to understand.

If you don’t know what a Capricorn man like in a woman and you don’t know what will impress him then here is everything you need to know about attracting a Capricorn man without a miss!!! Find out what kind of women he can fall for….


To impress him, you have to be classy and sophisticated. You have to dress to impress him. He is not someone who would fall for someone dressed in something expensive but he would surely be won by someone who is dressed simple yet elegant. Even a simple knee length dress with flats can lure him.

Allow Him to be the Boss

He loves to take the charge of things and in order to win his heart; you must allow him to rule. This would give him a chance to trust you and gradually he will open up. You might find him boring initially but once he opens up with you, he will surely be very interesting. Let him make the moves, slow and easy to experience Capricorn man in romance!!

Express with Your Eyes

To impress him, you have to express yourself with your eyes, like you are in 1950s. Capricorn man is conservative and he would love his lady with admiration in her eyes. Let your eyes do the talking but make sure you don’t get dirty.

Go Slow, Be Patient

You might have lots of fantasies but with Capricorn man in your bed, you have to be very patient with your moves because he will take his own sweet time. He will take time to absorb things and you must take everything very easy, making a point that he is enjoying it all. So with him, you don’t have to be fast and furious but slow and patient.

Make Him Laugh Loud

He appreciates good sense of humor and if you can make him love, he will love you for sure. But remember, it is not easy to make a Capricorn man laugh. So you will have to be very smart to do that.

Intellect Connection

Beauty is not something that will impress a Capricorn man as he desires for women with smart brains. If you have your opinion, if you can discuss different topics with him then he will surely be attracted to you.

Cook for Your Man

Capricorn man is a food lover and if you impress him with your culinary skills, you will rule his heart. He strongly believes in having good cooking skills and if you can do so, he will respect you and also love you with all his heart.

These are some of the ways to attract a Capricorn man and make him fall in love with you.

Well, here are some more inputs that are very helpful if you are in love with a Capricorn man.

Capricorn Man in Bed

He is not like other men when he is in bed. He desires for subtle, classy and romantic association with his partner. Here are a few things to keep in mind to impress your Capricorn man in bed.

Play Innocent

Capricorn man in love always appreciates the innocent side of his lady. You have to show him that you love when he leads, you enjoy when he takes the charge and he will be yours. He loves independent and confident ladies but when in bed, he demands you to surrender; he wants you to be submissive.

Be Simple and Stylish

To impress him in bed, you have to wear something classy and stylish. Soft colors are loved by this man. Do not get too bold as this will be a big turn off for him. Avoid too much of makeup. Go with light scents over musky ones to win his attention and make him fall for you again and again.

Capricorn Man Compatibility

A Capricorn man shares most beautiful compatibly with Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo and Pisces sun sign. These are the best matched love signs with a Capricorn man as per astrology. Capricorn man and Scorpio woman are blessed with an amazing sexual equation which makes them a wonderful couple.

Signs That a Capricorn Man is Interested

If you are confused about whether he likes you or not then here are a few signs that a Capricorn man likes you:

  • He is interested in discussing your life and work.
  • He invites you to his place.
  • He makes you laugh with his sense of humor.

These signs truly suggest that he is falling for you!!!


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