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Know The Best and Worst Love Matches for Your Zodiac Sign

Best and Worst Zodiac Love Matches

To make sure that you don’t fall in a bad relationship, we bring to you the best and the worst love matches for your zodiac sign.


Best Matches:

Sagittarius: Sagittarius sun sign supports your freedom and adventurous soul. You both make an interesting life.

Libra: The excitement of Aries complements the simple and calm nature of the Libra, making them a perfect couple.

Worst Match:

Cancer: Cancer is a homebody and you are a free soul. You both have different expectations which make you very different.


Best Matches:

Cancer: You both love to stay and enjoy your personal space. You both want traditional romance which makes you two perfect together.

Virgo: You both have similar expectations from your relationship. You both are loyal and look for stability.

Worst Match:

Leo: You are very easy going and Leo demands attention and lots of people around. Leo feels uncomfortable in your company.


Best Matches:

Sagittarius: You two make a wonderful compatible match as you are connect well on intellectual levels.

Aquarius: You both are free spirits who love to live a life of excitement with complete freedom.

Worst Match:

Virgo: You want to live free and Virgos always want a plan in hand. You two never connect as you think differently.


Best Matches:

Capricorn: You strike a perfect balance with one knowing what the other one wants with perfect detailing.

Scorpio: You both are protective about each other and make amazing partners. You never hurt each other.

Worst Match:

Aries: Though you would feel like a perfect match in the start but Aries may find you cold and you may find them highly enthusiastic with passage of time.


Best Matches:

Aries: You both are vibrant and confident. You are both attractive and enjoy attention. You connect well.

Aquarius: You two share wonderful compatibility as you make your own rules. You make an irresistible association.

Worst Match:

Taurus: Taurus love to stay home with their family and Leos want to go out and live their life with freedom.


Best Matches:

Pisces: You both are compassionate and respect each other. You too know how to make each other feel cared and important.

Capricorn: You both work hard to be successful. You admire each other for dedication.

Worst Match:

Sagittarius: Virgos find you rigid and you think that they live in a different world of dreams. You two have no connect.


Best Matches

Gemini: You both love to socialize and meet new people. You enjoy a supportive and compatible relationship.

Aries: They are impressed with your soothing personality and you love their confidence. You both instantly fall in love.

Worst Match:

Pisces: Your similarities make you a bad match because you both don’t like taking decisions thereby making things complicated.


Best Matches:

Cancer: You both are protective about each other and know how to make each other feel loved and cared.

Aquarius: You love the spontaneity of Aquarius sun sign and they love your ability to think differently.

Worst Match:

Gemini: You love to plan and Gemini are impulsive because of which you can never have a smooth relationship.


Best Matches:

Gemini: You both love to explore the world and live like a free bird. You both give each other space.

Aries: You both are interesting individuals full of energies and enthusiasm. You two can never get bored.

Worst Match:

Virgo: They are too serious for you and they think you are very immature. You have different perceptions.


Best Matches:

Cancer: You feel comfortable with Cancer as they take care of you and love you.

Taurus: You both have practical approach towards life which makes you think alike.

Worse Match:

Libra: You prefer limited friends and Libra’s social associations make you uncomfortable.


Best Matches:

Leo: You both love to find your own path to live your life. You connect mentally.

Scorpio: You find them trustworthy and loyal and they love you for your passion.

Worst Match:

Taurus: Taurus are homebodies who live with slow pace and you love energy and speed in life.


Best Matches:

Taurus: You two make a compassionate and supportive couple with great intimacy.

Cancer: They love you for your romantic nature and you adore them for their intuition.

Worst Match:

Gemini: You use your heart to take decisions and Gemini uses mind which makes you poles apart.

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