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Leo Horoscope Personality and Characteristics

Leo individuals are born with infinite energy levels. They are always full of zeal and positive energy. They enjoy attention, appreciation and love to win the limelight. They are very kind people who shower everyone with their love and affection. They don’t feel disheartened or dejected when they fail as their positive energy guides them. They believe in speaking what they feel is right. They are loyal towards every relationship.

At the same time, Leos are also very egoistic which often becomes a hurdle in their path. It is not easy to convince them as what they have decided is a final thing. They are quite dominating; they cannot let anyone else control them as they love to keep the control in their hands.

They are very possessive about their near and dear ones. Sharing can be a little problematic for them. They are at times very arrogant which makes them hurt people around them. They often keep themselves before anything else which causes lots of trouble in their life. They are also very impatient and it’s difficult for them to wait to get things they want.


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