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Styles of Handling Breakup by Different Zodiac Signs

Each Zodiac Sign Handles a Break Up

Every sun sign is unique as stars play an effective role in making them fall in love thereby influencing their relationship. It is due to the influence of planetary positions that we behave in a specific manner in dealing with love and life.

This article talks about how each astrological zodiac sign behaves and handles a breakup.

Aries’ Behavior on Breakup

  • People born under Aries sun sign will either go completely crazy or would not even pay any heed to it.
  • They may act totally weird for a moment and resume normal life the next second and start dating.
  • They may even try to forget their love totally.

Taurus’ Behavior on Breakup

  • Taurus people face a difficult time after breaking up as it is not easy for them to just forget and move on.
  • They will experience different kinds of emotions but they will try and be positive about life.
  • They will take time to detach and healing will not happen so quick. But once they decide, they will work to get back their peace.

Gemini’s Behavior on Breakup

  • Gemini sun sign people want to be happy and they are smart at covering their hurt hearts under their smiles.
  • It is easier for them move if they know that the relationship was a complete waste.
  • They usually have a backup plan in their mind and once they have broken up, they would focus on their career or find a new date.

Cancer’s Behavior on Breakup

  • When Cancers breakup, they take real good time to believe that they are out of a relationship.
  • It is not easy for them to deal with their unsuccessful relationships are they are very sensitive and love to be loved.

Leo’s Behavior on Breakup

  • Leos think very high of themselves when they are in a love relationship and when they have broken up, they would always expect their partners to come up to them and apologize.
  • They can experience fits of frustration because things are not going as per their plan.

Virgo’s Behavior on Breakup

  • If Virgos feel that their relationship is not worth their time and efforts, they are going to walk out of it otherwise, they will work hard to keep it going.
  • Once they are deep in their love association, it is very difficult for them to detach.
  • They would put in the best of their efforts to make a relationship work but once they know that it is not going to work, they will simply walk out of it.
  • They find it very difficult to find a new date.

Libra’s Behavior on Breaking Up

  • For Librans, everything happens in connection with society and when they breakup, they feel embarrassed and deeply hurt.
  • They would work hard to make their unfortunate relationship failure into something unimportant.
  • They can move on to find new love without much stress.

Scorpio’s Conduct on Breakup

  • When Scorpions are hurt, they go crazy and start plotting against their exes.
  • They get clouded with aggression and negativity.
  • It is not easier for them to move on that easily as they love with complete dedication and loyalty.

Sagittarius’ Behavior on Breaking Up

  • They are adventurous souls, so they don’t mind falling in and out of a relationship.
  • But Sagittarius sun sign when deeply hurt, knows how to handle the bad times with high energies.
  • They don’t mind getting involved in a new relationship once the old one is over.

Capricorn’s Behavior on Breaking Up

  • Capricorn’s are practical and if their beloved is leaving them, they would sit and discuss the best possible solution as they want to keep their family intact.
  • They hate breakups and divorces and think that things can be handled.
  • If they feel their partner has cheated on them or they feel that the relationship is getting difficult, then they would not waste even one single moment to end it.

Aquarius’ Conduct on Breakup

  • Aquarius sun sign hates breakups but when they want to get out of an association, they manipulate and play their cards well.
  • They avoid aggression in a romantic relationship and look forward for communicating with their partners.
  • If they feel that staying with their partner is bringing no good then they would happily walk out of it.

Pisces’ Behavior on Breakup

  • Pisces zodiac sign is very comfortable moving from one relationship to another.
  • If they feel that their dreams and demands are not being fulfilled by their present partner, they feel depressed and want to move to a new relationship.
  • Once they have decided, it is very easy for them to walk out of their relationship but if the relationship has been very dear to them, then in that case they may get really depressed.

Now you know how different zodiac signs react and behave when they have broken up with their romantic partners.



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