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The Worst 6 Astrological Romantic Associations

Astrological Romantic Associations

To be able to have a compatibility with your partner, it is very necessary that your planets have some coordination. Without the right equations, no zodiacs can match with each other. This is because the elements these sun signs represent, they sometimes do not jell well because of which there is a discord. This post talks about the 5 most difficult romantic relationships are per astrology that just don’t fit in with each other. Let us have a look at these pairings which don’t work out because there are some clashes between the signs. So if you make one of the pairs mentioned below then you have got to be cautious with your relationship.

Pisces and Taurus

This is another hard to manage association. Taurus is someone who is very experimenting in bed which is just opposite to the Pisces who wants it simple, sorted and the right way. Taurus loves to be practical with things but Pisces loves to day dream with practicality missing and therefore, they end up disagreeing on everything. Taurus thinks that they are always right and Pisces want to make all the efforts to make their reasons and logics heard. Taurus have a short temper and Pisces have opinions about anything and everything which gets very difficult for Taurus to handle. They are way too different from each other that there is just no pull between them.

Gemini and Aries

Gemini and Aries are way too different from each other. Gemini needs a partner who can submit himself completely. They are someone who need a love mate who can effectively deal with the changing moods and feel comfortable with their changing colors. But Aries is none of that. They are not submissive and they cannot deal with frequent mood changes. Aries are someone who can easily cheat on their partners which is a trait completely opposite to that of Gemini who look for loyal and promising relationships. This show how different both of them are from each other and how difficult it is for them to deal with each other on daily basis.

Cancer and Aquarius

Another pairing which is not very compatible from astrological point of view is the Cancer and Aquarius. Cancer is someone who likes to be home surrounded by the people they love. They are sensitive, emotional and touchy. They look for cuddling and romancing sensually. They are happy in their home with their family and stability is all that they desire for. On the contrary, Aquarius is someone who loves to go out all the time. They love socializing, meeting new people and are lively. They are sometimes not responsive of the emotions which obviously deeply hurts the Cancer sun sign. They often end up irritating the Cancer partners. They look forward for experiments in bed and try new things in life which is just opposite to what a Cancer desires. They are very different in the way they lead their lives and what they want from their lives because of which they are unable to strike the right chords.

Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo is another impossible match and this is because they are both very intense. Leo demands authority and loves his ego. They are not very loyal and can manage to keep up the secrets about their sexual relationships. On the other hand, Scorpions demand loyalty in their relationships. They just cannot deal with any kind of infidelity. They are very possessive which is not dealt right with the Leos. They often end up fighting with each other. Any regular conversation can take a shape of a heated argument which may often end up in a big explosion. They are way too difficult as a pair.

Aries and Cancer

Cancer is traditional in approach. They are homebodies who love to be at home with their family. They long for emotional stability. On the contrary are Aries who are free soul. They are full of energy and cannot follow traditional conservative approach. They like a career and a colorful life. They both have different priorities in life which is the reason for putting up this association under this category. They want different things in life and they find it difficult to manage with each other.

Virgo and Sagittarius

As we know Sagittarius is a free soul. They are adventurous and independent. They don’t look into the practical side of life and do what their heart suggests them to. But a Virgo is someone who is always keen on considering the practical side of anything and everything. This is one reason because of which they have many arguments and they both are not going to give up their stand. They can never share the same opinion on anything. Sagittarius would just want to pack up the bags and go out on a vacation without thinking about anything whereas a Virgo would first make the reservations and all the bookings and plan things in advance. They have different approaches towards life which make them poles apart.

All of these astrological pairings are not good romantic associations as the partners are way too different in their traits and approach in life because of which they are unable to stay happily with each other.



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