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Tips to Know Your Best Astrological Love Match

Astrology has always been an interesting science. We rely on this amazing science to find solutions for various problems, to have our future predicted. Love match and compatible sun signs are few of the things for which we are always to know what astrology has to say.

No matter what age we are, we want to know which signs make a great partner with us. We want to know how opposite signs make a stronger pair. We want to know how stars with same element have different equations with other signs. And many more related questions which pop-up inside our brains. Well, Astrology is a vast science and just sun signs are not enough to work out compatibility between two people. Horoscopes play a significant role in giving a clear picture on love match and equations. In this post, we have rolled out some handy tips which help you find out the best astrological love match for you. So use these tips to know who he or she might be!!!

For casual or flirtatious relationship

Each house in the birth chart has its own significance in terms of different love situations. To know with whom you are expected to have an affair or a short-term casual association, study the sign in the 5th house of your horoscope which is the sign four from your own sign. This is so because this house is responsible for playful association in which you feel free to take risks. Therefore, for Aries sun sign, it would be Leo; for Taurus, it would be Virgo and so on. The most important point to keep in mind is that this may not be a good match in long term as you would not have a happy relationship for long.

For serious or long-term relationship

If you want to know which sun sign will be a good match for you in terms of long relationships or marriage then you must count six from your sign. This means the sign in the 7th house which is the opposite sign to you which complements you in many ways and completes you. Therefore, for Aries, it would be Libra, for Taurus it would be Scorpio and so on. This sun sign will be different from you in maximum possible ways. The qualities possessed by one will be missing in the other which will also be responsible for strong attraction between them. When these signs meet for the first them, they might not instantly click but gradually as they begin to explore each other, they find the compatibility they desire. And this makes their relationship last longer!!!

 For physical or sexual compatibility

As per astrology, to determine sexual compatibility, you will need to look for the sun sign in the 8th house of your horoscope. So count seven from your sign to know who would have the highest sexual compatibility with you. For example, Aries will share best sexual compatibility with Scorpio, Taurus with Sagittarius and so on. These sun signs may not enjoy a great equation on other fronts but they surely fit beautifully with each other on physical front. They often surprise people with the kind of chemistry they share as otherwise their chances of having a long term relationship are bleak.

For a match made in heaven

If you want to know who is your match made in heaven then you need to look for the sign in 12th house. This means the sign just before your sun sign. For Aries, it will be Pisces; for Taurus, it will be Aries and so on. They make great couples as they both offer the other various things to learn. But their association may not last for long. The person who comes before in the zodiac wheel has more chances of witnessing changes because of the influence of his or her partner, whereas, the other partner might find this relationship quite difficult and traumatic to handle.

Based on these calculations, you can easily conclude which sun sign will be the best astrological love match for you.


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