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5 Things An Astrologer Looks for in Relationship Compatibility

Good Astrology Relationships Compatibility

Whenever two people come close, they want to know how compatible they are. It is the curiosity to know that astrology has to predict about their sun sign compatibility to know how their romantic love relationship will be. Well to bring more clarity on this, the information in this article focuses on the 5 things on which an astrologer depends on for calculating relationship compatibility. All these are the most essential things for reaching on to a conclusion about your bonding with your partner. Let us see what these points are:

1. Moon Signs, Sun and Houses

Let us begin with the most basic information. When it comes to love relationships, moon signs play a significant role. The next thing that an astrologer looks for is the placement of sun and moon in the houses. This is necessary for knowing the energies of the signs, their frequency, their compatibility and their incompatibility. It gives the point where the partners are focusing their emotional energies and their sense of self. They are important for inferring that how compatible the partners are based on the energies they share.

2. Rising Signs

Rising signs are also known as ascendant signs and are very important as they reflect the awakening conscious of a person. This is your everyday face which the world sees. Hence, it has an important role to play when it comes to calculating love compatibility between two partners. Using this, the astrologers work to find out how compatible the rising stars of two partners are. Then they work on finding the links that exist between these two rising stars to frame a clear picture of how their romantic association will be.

3. Planet of Love and Planet of Passion

Venus is the planet of love and romance and Mars is the planet of drive and passion. They both play an important role in a romantic relationship and hence astrologers study their positions, movements etc. while calculation relationship compatibility between two signs. The astrologer notes down the sign, house position of the planets etc. in both the charts and then find outs the angles that are needed to have a sparkling chemistry between the partners. Sometimes you need to have some spark for a good sexual relationship or else the bond of love can turn out to be really very boring and dull. Hence, it is needed that the astrologer studies both these planets and link attached with them in both the charts to reach to the final conclusion.

4. Complementing Association

The next essential thing that needs to be found out for reaching on astrological compatibility is to know that how one partner complements or completes the other. It is all about calculating what one partner has and what the other one lacks to know about how effectively they balance each other. This is important for establishing the need of one partner in the life of the other one to strike a balance. By studying the charts of both the persons, it can easily be concluded that how compatible and complementing both the partners.

5. Mirrored Aspects

Mirror aspects play a vital role in calculating the chart compatibility. It can happen that two planets or stars are located at positions which may sound not so good for a healthy relationship between two persons but when their association is reviewed as per the mirror aspect, the situation can completely change. Mirrored ascendant links are known to present a very different picture of the compatibility and that’s the reason because of which astrologers make sure that they study this relevant and significant point. They are very much important in studying the association, bonding and partnership between any two people. Astrologers can never miss on this very important point as it can completely transform the picture of the association between the partners.

All the 5 points mentioned above have a major role to play when it comes to calculating the relationship compatibility between two partners. All the astrological calculations performed by the professional astrologers focus on these 5 points without which it is impossible to reach on to a correct conclusion. Hence, if you calculating the future aspect of any romantic relationship, make sure that all these points have been worked upon before a final decision.



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