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Interesting Facts About Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality

Interesting Facts About Scorpio Zodiac Sign Personality

True Scorpio Facts

People born between dates October 24 and November 22 are born under Scorpio sun sign. The ruling planets of this zodiac are Pluto and Mars.

True Scorpio Traits

Scorpio people are strong individuals born with mystery around them. They are powerful souls with smart questions and sharp brains. They are possessive and attractive; diplomatic and faithful. They never forget things easily and these are some of the personality traits which make them so different.

Why are Scorpions Misunderstood?

Scorpio is the most misunderstood sun sign as they are hot tempered and passionate. They are infamous get getting any without control and for their sexual nature. The fact is they are reactive, to situations and to people which makes them short tempered and their passionate nature is not just limited to their bedroom but also influences their career etc.

Why Scorpions are Awesome

Scorpions are amazing and there are reasons to support this argument. They are born with a wonderful 6th sense which makes them very sharp. They are ambitious and powerful, dedicated and loyal. They make real friends and best lovers… you can never be disappointed if you have such beautiful people in your life because they will never betray you…no matter what.

10 Personality Traits That Define a Scorpio

If you are born between October 23rd and November 21st then your zodiac sign is Scorpio. This sun sign is represented by a scorpion and is believed to share the same traits… Scorpio is a powerful and also a very dangerous sun sign. It is quite a unique sign born with an attractive personality.

Here are 10 signs which make you a true Scorpio in every sense because you are born with these traits.

1. Mysterious and Powerful Individuals

People born under are gifted with great power. They reflect and attract power. There is always an element of mystery surrounding them because of their secretive nature. They prefer working backstage, using their strength and power over enjoying attention.

2. Over Protective and Extremely Loyal

Scorpions are loyal people. They always give their best to their relationships. The make loyal friends and committed partners and because of this trait they are quite possessive about people who are important to them. It is their love and dedication towards the relationship that makes them over protective.

3. Always Honest

If they have an opinion, they share them with complete honesty. Be it a relationship or their opinion, they are always honest with it as they can never work to please people. They have an independent mind and courage to speak what they feel is right.

4. Sarcasm with Unique Sense of Humor

Scorpions are blessed with amazing sense of humor with a dash of sarcasm which makes them unique. With a Scorpio around, always be prepared for witty and sarcastic humor. They have the courage to fearlessly crack a joke sarcastically. And you have to be smart enough to get the joke!!!

5. Tough Outside, Soft Inside

Scorpions look very tough and resilient to the world but inside they are very emotional and soft at heart. It is as if they are protecting their emotional self from the cold and ruthless world that they wear a tough face which makes them unapproachable for the people. But all those who really know them, know how sensitive they are at heart.

6. Don’t Fall in Love Easily; Passionate Lovers

Either a Scorpio is not going to fall in love but when he does, he will be deeply absorbed in it. They are like extreme cases who when find their soul mate, fall in love without any terms and conditions. They don’t hesitate expressing their feelings and love and expect the same from their partner. They go beyond expectations to make it the best relationship.

7. Always Find the Truth

Scorpions are smart, intelligent and wise people and if think you can hide things from them or lie to them then you are sadly mistaken. They are observant people who are blessed with the ability to read people and read them right. They don’t take too long to find out the truth. So make sure you don’t make any such efforts.

8. Always Keep Your Secrets

If you have shared some of your secrets with your Scorpio friend then you must never worry as he is always going to keep your secret a secret. This is the reason they make awesome friends as they understand the value of a promise and they make sure that they live up to it.

9. Strong and Real Fighters

If a Scorpion has failed then he has the power to begin again. Mentally, they are very strong and if they have decided to do something, they have the ability to make it happen. They are ambitious and powerful individuals who have the potential to rise from their ashes and start a new beginning.

10. Never Forget Cheaters

Though they make best of the friends but they also remember who ditched them. They are loyal and expect the same from others. If you betray them then they are never going to forget you or forgive you. They will always remember you for you failed to be a friend to them. So never betray them!!!

All of these signs reflect a true Scorpion.  These are some of the strongest traits possessed by people born under this sun sign that make them a perfect Scorpio!!!

Scorpions and Relationships

Here are some points that reveal relationships and compatibility of Scorpios….

Scorpio Best Match for Marriage

Astrologically, the best matches for Scorpio sun sign for marriage are Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces.

Best Match for Scorpio Man

The finest match for Scorpio man is Pisces woman. They are highly compatible individuals as they are both deep and intuitive. They complement each other in qualities and interests which make them a wonderful couple. Scorpio man works as strength and stability for a Pisces woman which works as a strong connection between them.

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

Scorpio enjoys great relationship compatibility with Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer zodiac signs. Scorpio man enjoys most romantic relationship with Pisces woman and Scorpio woman finds her soul mate in a Scorpio man.

Scorpio Friendship Compatibility

Scorpions are committed, loyal, intense and passionate individuals who look for people who are trustworthy as friends. Cancers and Pisces make wonderful friends with Scorpios as they both are true friends for life. They both are emotional just like Scorpions and that is why they are able to connect well on the emotional grounds.

What are Scorpios Good at in Bed

Scorpions are amazing in bed. They are blessed with hot vibes and intense sexual appeal. They make the best lovers as they are full of passion and romance. They have strong sexual stamina and they connect not just on the physical levels but also on the emotional grounds. They are unpredictable and always follow their instincts. They love taking the charge and enjoy getting lost in love.

Scorpio Best Match Sexually

Sexually, the best match for a Scorpio is Capricorns as they bring out the best in each other. The passion and intensity of a Scorpio knows how to make a Capricorn want for more. Scorpions help Capricorn unfold and also love their dedication in bed.  They demand loyal partners and Capricorns are the ones who can satisfy them.

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