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Significance of Horoscope Compatibility for Successful Marriage

Horoscope Compatibility for Successful Marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and important relationships in life. It is the most significant event of life. Whenever a person is exchanging vows, he or she hopes for a lifetime association which is full of love, affection, understanding, compatibility and care. One wants that romance and understanding in his or her relationship stays for life. It is the biggest event of one’s life and therefore one expects to ensure that it is going to be peaceful and harmonious.

In India, almost everyone goes for horoscope matching to check compatibility between the two people who are expected to tie knot. This is considered as really important to make sure that the couple enjoys smooth and cordial relationship, minus all the complexities. Vedic Astrology is a popular and proven method that is used widely for horoscope matching. It takes into account nakshatras or the Lunar Constellations using which the guna milap is done. In this process, different points are allotted to prime factors which are essential for a happy and successful marriage. And in the end the sum for all these factors is calculated to conclude the compatibility between two people. Mostly, this is used for the purpose of match making for marriage but it can otherwise be used to conduct compatibility analysis between any man and woman.

Horoscope Compatibility for Manglik Dosha

It is highly recommended that people with Manglik Dosha in their horoscope should go for horoscope match making before getting married. This is essential because it is suggested that a person with Manglik Dosha should get married to the one who also has the same Dosha to nullify the effects of it. The more points scored in guna milap, the more promising will be the association.

Calculation of Gunas

The guna have been divided into 8 categories. Each of these categories decide one area of life. All these gunas have been mentioned below:

  • Varna which affects work
  • Vasya which is for dominance
  • Tara which is for destiny
  • Yoni is for mentality
  • Maitri is for compatibility
  • Gana is for guna level
  • Bhakoot is for love
  • Nadi is for health

The summation of all the points scored in each of these categories defines how compatible a relationship will be. The maximum total sum of these gunas is 36. Any score less than 18 gunas is not considered as good and hence, marriage is not recommended. If a couple scores 30 points or more then the match is considered to be an excellent one and it assures that the couple is going to enjoy a happy and beautiful association.

Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage

No matter how modern we have become, but the importance and utility of horoscope compatibility cannot be negated. Since the immemorial times, kundli matching has been an important part of marriages in India. People go for guna Milan before deciding on marriage to ensure that they are taking the right decision. In such complexities of life, having a marriage that is full of happiness and understanding is something that every person desires and by having horoscopes matched, you can know how fruitful will the relationship be.

So make sure that you match your kundli before marrying any person. This will give you quite an idea about your future with that person. Remember it is always better to take a thoughtful decision based on results of these compatibility matches than regretting later.



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