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Influence of Moon Sign Element on Love Life

Moon Sign love Compatibility

Moon signs play an important role in our life. Moon is known to rule the sub conscious mind, the inner feelings and emotions, the hidden needs and desires of a person because of its influence on the heart and mind. It is an indication of how we react to emotional situations and experiences and how we express our instincts because the reasons for our behavior and actions and reactions are deep hidden in our sub conscious. Mood sign shows all hidden aspects of a person’s mind and heart.

It is believed that moon influences a human life the most because it is closest to the earth. Hence, every movement brings about a change in emotions and feelings. And this is the reason because of which Indian Astrology revolves around the position of moon. It is believed that as moon enters a certain zodiac, the expressions of moon pick up the characteristics of that zodiac. This article talks specifically about the influence of moon sign element on the love life.

Division of Moon Signs

Let us first know the different groups in which moon signs have been divided.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Air
  • Fire

Those signs are most compatible which share the same elements and those which share conflicting elements are the least compatible. When the elements in one partner are different from the elements in the other then it doesn’t mean that there are no chances of having sparkling romance and relationship between then but it means that they both are motivated by different elements and hence they need to behave accordingly so that they don’t hurt each other and save their association of love.

Elements Influencing Love Life

We know that moon is responsible for ruling the sub conscious. Hence, it has an important role to play in our love life. After developing an understanding of different elements and their compatibility, let us now explore the different elements which influence the Moon signs thereby sparkling romance, initiating disagreements and adding different shades to romantic relationships.

The Element of Water

Moon Sign: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

All these signs long for a lover who can make their life beautiful with his love. They believe in emotional, sentimental and conservative style of loving. They look for a partner who can set their heart of fire with his intense love. They are creative individuals and hence creativity, music and art play an important role in their love life. So if you are planning to propose any of these moon signs, make sure that you use the best of your creativity to impress them. They want their partners to love their family. They are famous for their romantic streak.

The Element of Fire

Moon Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire has its own characteristics and the love and romance of all these three signs is influenced by it. People born under these signs are passionate lovers. They look forward for a thrilling and happening romantic relationship. They desire a partner who reciprocates the same way by being outgoing, confident and ready for anything and everything. Such lovers are experimenting and interesting. They don’t pay much heed to routine life. They want to keep adding some spark to their love life and keep it burning for long, just like fire.

The Element of Earth

Moon Sign: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The love life of these three signs is influenced by Earth element. They long for a relationship that comes with security, both emotional and material. For them stability in a romantic relationship is very important. They want reliable partners who have money as stability is their criterion. They don’t want to risk their love life. Whenever they get involved in a relationship, they are very practical and always look forward for taking it ahead. They are loyal towards their partners and expect the same from them.

The Element of Air

Moon Sign: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

Just like air, they look forward for a romantic relationship that can be as easy as breathing. They look for a partner who is extremely smart, intelligent and enjoys spending time with their friends. When it comes to love, they prefer keeping their head at the first place followed by heart. They are intelligent individuals who are gifted with the art of talking. They can impress anyone with their charming talking abilities.

So now you have seen that how moon has an amazing influence on your feelings, emotions and heart which in turn tend to have a strong influence your love life. So while selecting your romantic partner, just follow these signs and you would know well in advance the romantic shades of your beloved.



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