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June 2015 Monthly Horoscope for Libra

The forecast for Libra sun sign for the month of June 2015 predicts that this month is going to be a mix of different things happening at all possible fronts. You will have to be good at balancing different facets of your life. The focus of your life at this time will be your personal objectives and also your career goals. It is high time and you must focus on organizing your domestic life which has been quite a mess [...]

June 2015 Leo Monthly Horoscope

The monthly horoscope for Leo sun sign for June 2015 forecasts that it is high time and you must start to concentrate on your professional life. You also need to plan your finances intelligently. You will keep your family matters aside for a time being but due to planetary positions there may be some conflicts and disagreements in your family. There may also be some issues in your love life. To make sure that things don’t get out of control, [...]

May 2015 Leo Monthly Horoscope

The monthly horoscope for people born under Leo zodiac sign for month of May 2015 predicts that your planetary positions are in a disturbed state in this month. Hence, you are advised to work hard to have synchronization between your will and your social image. You will have to act really wise and adept yourself as per changing situations. Sometimes conditions will demand you to be flexible and sometimes you will be required to be assertive in your approach. You [...]

Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2015

The monthly horoscope for Leo for the month of April 2015 forecasts that you will need to learn to adjust and adapt yourself with the changes happening around you. You will have to learn to understand that other than your hard work, you also need your social image to achieve your dreams. This month you will use your social relationships to achieve your goals. In the second half of the month you will find your career taking the front seat [...]

Leo March 2015 Monthly Horoscope

The astrology predictions for Leo sun sign in March 2015 reveal that this will be a balanced time. There are no serious peaks and no serious downs. The prime focus of this duration will be your career and work as you will be deeply engrossed in meeting your targets. At personal front, your love relationship will be smooth and stable. You will enjoy pink of the health and high fitness levels. There is nothing great about this month but surely [...]

Leo February Horoscope 2015

The February horoscope 2015 for Leos predicts that this month you will experience lots of changes happening in your life, changes for good. Though there will not be very big changes but lots of small but important changes. People born under this sun sign will experience a great time as things will start falling in place. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work to get what you want but it means that your hard work will materialize and [...]

Leo Self Improvement Horoscope 2015

The Leo horoscope for 2015 predicts it to be a year filled with creativity. It is the year of wonderful ideas which will help you plan your moves. Talking about your work front, with expansion of your business and increase in duties and responsibilities at job, you will come up with great ideas to solve problem. Your creative energies will be at their peak and you will experience great ideas emerging from your head. Innovation and experimentation will keep you [...]

Leo Love Horoscope 2015

2015 love and relationship horoscope suggests that people born under Leo sun sign will enjoy a happy and satisfactory year in terms of their relationships. It will be a great year because now you will learn to be more lenient and less controlling with your love relationships. You will understand that how important it is for your partner to have the freedom to express his or her emotions. You will also learn the need of space in marriage and relationships. [...]

Leo Health Horoscope 2015

This year you are expected to give an extra attention and importance to your health. Considering your health and fitness levels, it will be an average year as there is nothing major issue to worry about. You are expected to face some minor health problems which will motivate you to be more focused about your well being but don’t lose your mental strength in the midst of these trivial health issues. The horoscope for Leos in 2015 suggests that you [...]

Leo Finance Horoscope 2015

The horoscope for finances in 2015 predicts it to be an average year. You may face financial difficulties in your life but self control and good money management can help you sail through the tough times. You need to be very cautious with your impulsive purchases and make sure that don’t engage in any kind of unimportant purchases. You will be required to redesign your financial plans. You need to manage your savings, earnings and expenses very smartly so that [...]