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Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Love Compatibility Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

The love association between a Cancer female and Aquarius male may not rank high on the compatibility scales but this couple has the potential to make the odds work in their favor. With understanding, acceptance and dedication, they both can enjoy a beautiful association.

How Compatible are Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman?

The combination of Water and Air is not easy and usual but there is some attraction and magnetic force which brings an Aquarius man close to a Cancer woman despite all the differences. Their bond demands mutual efforts and dedication to prosper into a healthy relationship.

An Aquarius male is an ideal friend to the Cancer lady who promises her complete independence and expects the same from her. She is an intense lover who doesn’t like sharing her man with anyone. She is always there to support him and protect him from challenges. He falls for her charisma and amazing sense of humor and she also gets attracted towards him because of his warm and affectionate nature.

Sexual Compatibility Between Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

The sexual compatibility between a Cancer female and Aquarius male depends upon the ability of the couple to blend their differences into a beautiful equation of love. Aquarius man is an ultra-masculine personality and Cancer woman is very feminine. When they both come close, there are chances of intense lovemaking along with interesting explorations. With the soft touch of his Cancer lady, he is able to explore the tender side of his personality and with his strong passion; she is able to explore the wild side of her lovemaking. They both are able to bring the hidden sides of each other’s personality to reach higher levels of sexual compatibility. Aquarius man loves to rule his lady when he is making love to her and even she enjoys the way he induces passion in his acts of love making thereby taking complete charge of the act. She loves to experience the intensity with which her man expresses his love to her. This is a rare sight of his personality which only the soft Cancer female can arouse. They both enjoy making love to each other and sex is an important step to experience contentment and peace in their bond of love. Though they are so different but when they reach the state of oneness, they create a harmonious and strong bond.

Marriage Between Aquarius Man and Cancer Woman

The association of marriage between a Cancer female and Aquarius female is a result of strong attraction towards each other. He loves her sense of humor and is allured by the charisma of her personality. He gives her all the freedom and support that she desires. She also makes all the efforts to strengthen their bond by nourishing the underlying bond of friendship. He is one man who naturally learns to deal with the mood swings of the Cancer lady. He is a social animal who loves to go out and make new friends and to keep their relationship going; she needs to accept his social outings. He may not be a romantic partner to her as for him companionship is more important. He doesn’t like any kind of interference and questioning as far as his life is concerned but he always intrudes her privacy thereby making her irritated and upset. He must understand to respect her personal space. He also makes constant efforts to keep their relationship interesting and lively by giving his lady wonderful surprises. With time, their bond gets stronger as they are able to understand and accept each other. They are able to look beyond differences and enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

How to Impress a Cancer Woman

In order to impress a Cancer lady, you must make sure that you keep this relation slow and steady. Allow her to trust you. Give her all the time she needs to develop confidence in this relationship. To gain her trust, you will need to be truthful and patient. Don’t hurt her with harsh words as she is extremely sensitive. Don’t forget to dress in a stylish and impressive manner as she is always noticing you and your moves.

Positive Traits of Cancer Woman

Cancer womanis a loyal lady who gives her best to every relation and role in her life. She is born with an imaginative brain and she is very creative with her thinking. She doesn’t follow what the world says as she is capable of developing her own thinking. She is very loving and caring though she may seem cold on the outside. She is very emotional and sensitive. She is also very protective about her special ones.

Recommendations for Aquarius for Better Compatibility

Here are some useful points which an Aquarius male must keep in mind in order to enjoy a harmonious relationship with his lady:

  • Don’t try to peep into her secrets and private things as she will not take too long to get seriously upset with you. Do not interfere.
  • She can be a little protective and possessive about you. Deal with her nature with maturity and resolve her insecurities.


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