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Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility


Compatibility is not an issue when it comes to the love association of an Aquarius male and Capricorn female. They both are quite an interesting match and strive to create a strong bond for life.

How Compatible are Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman?

The relationship between a Capricorn female and Aquarius male is a balanced bond of love. They both have a certain facet of their personality which is influenced by staying aloof. When she shies away from expressing her emotions and feelings to a man she loves, he also expresses detachment in some way or the other.

When a Capricorn woman loves a man, she gives herself completely to this relationship and nurtures it with her tender love and support. Aquarius man also reciprocates to her efforts by promising her a long-term relationship. They both love to be with each other and develop a strong bond of love which keeps them together for life. He introduces her with new and more relaxed shades of life.

Sexual Compatibility Between Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

The sex life of an Aquarius man and Capricorn female is a blend of creative imagination and reality. When the element of Air combines with element of Water; the relationship witnesses stability along with fluctuations. Aquarius man is quite unpredictable when it comes to making love to his lady. Sometimes he is a passionate lover who showers his Capricorn lady with gifts of love and intense acts of making love to her. And sometimes, he wants to experiment and try something unusual and different. On the contrary, the Capricorn female is very firm in her love making. She is not very easy to stimulate but once her man manages to turn her on, she is the most passionate and sensual lover. She is someone who expects clean moves and clear equations which reflect physical intimacy and bond of love. There are times when the couple experiences intimate and passionate episodes of lovemaking which are truly satisfying at the deepest levels of their souls and there are also times when the Aquarius man just enjoys dreaming about his fantasies which actually annoys his lady. To make their sex life more rewarding and fulfilling, they both need to connect with each other at emotional and mental levels so that their relationship becomes more stable.

Marriage Between Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman

Marriage doesn’t take too long to happen when an Aquarius man falls for a Capricorn girl. He gets mesmerized by her aura and charm. She wins his heart with her intelligence and non-demanding behavior. And she finds a great friend and companion in him who doesn’t bind her but is always there to protect her from all problems. He finds his soul mate in her as she doesn’t complain or ask for anything rather she only gives unconditionally in this relationship which makes her best of all. She completely trusts her man and is always there to offer her helping hand in every venture of his life. She strengthens this relationship with her faith in her man. She is also very protective about her man which is just a way of showing her love. He teaches her to be more relaxed and enjoy life beyond control. He adds new colors to her life which was always so certain and boring. She also makes him understand the importance of a stable relationship in life. They both are able to create a beautifully balanced association of love. In this marriage, both the partners respect each other and are very dedicated partners. Once they learn to accept their differences they way they embrace their similarities, they are able to create the best marriage.

How to Impress a Capricorn Woman

Impressing a Capricorn woman is not an easy task to accomplish. She is someone who looks for a proactive partner. She is a little old-fashioned so better be careful when it comes to treating her. Be a gentleman with her, treat her like a lady. Be flirtatious with her, keep it subtle and stylish. Impress her with your knowledge as she looks for a partner who is intelligent and smart like her. Don’t push her for anything, keep your efforts slow as rushing with things can make her uncomfortable and disinterested.

Positive Traits of Capricorn Woman

Capricorn girl is a homely girl who loves to lead a simple and sorted life. She is well-disciplined and dedicated towards everything in her life. From family to friends, she is always there to be the best support to every person she knows. She is intelligent and smart. She has a practical approach towards life, whatever she does; she always has a practical angle involved in it. She is very ambitious and loves to work for her goals with complete dedication.

Recommendations for Aquarius for Better Compatibility

These are very essential points that an Aquarius man must keep in mind to ensure a healthy and colorful association with his Capricorn lady:

  • She is a little protective about you. Do feel irritated and annoyed with her possessive attitude towards you as she loves you and trusts you.
  • She is a homely girl who expects you to be a part of her family gatherings. Don’t get irritated if she has planned a picnic or dinner with family.
  • You must talk to her to resolve your differences. This will surely help you avoid lots of fights. Remember communication is an important element of every relationship.


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  • Patricia
    December 7, 2014, 6:24 am

    Very Timely & Informative. I Have Met An Aquarian Male. I Am A Capricorn Female: He’s Brilliant & Amazing. This Could Finall Be The One! Many Thanks For The Inciteful Update.