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Aquarius Personality and Characteristics

aquarius personality traits and characteristics

Aquarius individuals are gifted with some of the amazing qualities. Their positive personality traits include their friendly nature which helps them make new friends very easily. They are very attractive people who earn attention very easily. They are independent souls who love to be on their own, emotionally and financially. They have sharp brains which make them very smart and intelligent. They are loyal towards every relationship. They always strive to make their surroundings a better place to live with their humanitarian approach. They have a strong and attractive personality.

But there are certain negative traits in their personality which are worth a mention. They are very stubborn. It is an impossible thing to change their mind because what they have decided for once is final. They are unpredictable. They would do things that cannot expect out of them. They are very inconsistent in their work and performance. One moment they will excel in something and in the next they will just not perform. They are extremists. It is either North or South for them as they do not follow a middle path. They love to stay aloof which often leads to creating walls.



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