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Astrological Tips That Help You Get Pregnant

Astrological Tips For Getting Pregnant

There are some women who have to make lots of efforts to get pregnant and sometimes they have to go beyond the medical help and treatments to become a mother. Well, astrology has an important role to play to help such women conceive, provided they follow the right advice. If you are also looking for some of these astrological tips to get pregnant then this article can be really helpful to you. Here are a few very important astrological ways that can help you conceive.

Know the phase of the Moon

Astrologically, it is believed that the fertility depends upon the phase of the moon. It is the highest during the time when the phase of the moon and its alignment is the same as it was at the time when you were born. So know your date of birth, time, alignment and phase of the moon and then find out about the same equations in the present time. For this you will need to have to consult as astrologer or refer to the astrological calendar.

The concept of 2-hour window

It is believed in astrology that there is a period of two hours during which the fertility of a woman is at its best. This is the time when degree of the distance between moon and sun is just the same as it was at the time of your birth. For calculating this, you again need the date and time of your birth so that you are able to find the similar equation in the present times by referring to the astrology calendar or consulting a professional and experienced astrologer. Every month, the same equation gets repeated for duration of 2 hours only and the chances of conceiving during this time are the best, so make sure that you are able to make the best of these two hours.

Sun and its position

The alignment and position of Sun when the woman was born also plays an effective role in helping her conceive. As per astrology, it is believed that trying conceiving during the same time and date when you were born increases the chances of your pregnancy to the best possible levels as chances of fertility are the highest during this small phase.

Try on the auspicious dates

There are a few days every year which are considered to be the luckiest days. They are known to be the most effective days when it comes to starting something new or just simply conceiving as it is believed that during these days, the fertility of a woman increases which in turn brings good news for you and your family. This is one time when every woman must plan and try to conceive as the luck is in her favor. To know about these auspicious days, you can refer to the astrological calendar or take guidance from an astrologer about the same.

All these astrological tips can be really very helpful in making the impossible possible for you. Remember that these are a few times when a woman experiences increased fertility. All these calculations are subjective the birth time of the lady. Hence, for all those women who have not been able to conceive in a normal way or have tried all other medical options, this is a wonderful trick which is very promising. So try them out and you might just receive the good news.


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