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Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility

Sagittarius female makes an interesting and very different kind of match with a Cancer male. Both there partners possess quite a different attitude and approach towards life which is the basis of their differences and also the basis of attraction and affinity towards each other.

How Compatible are Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman?

Love match between a Cancer male and Sagittarius female is quite a confusing and strange combination. If their relationship is loaded with love and respect for each other then they have the potential to rank high on the compatibility scale. They need to understand that they both have distinct personalities and to stay together in harmony, they need to accept each other in their original colors.

Sagittarius woman has the charm to live up to the expectations of her Cancer man. He is always there to guide her and save her from making reckless decisions. She falls in deep love with her man. He also adores her for her charm and inquisitive nature. He readily makes compromises for his love and keeps her happy. She also feels safe and secure in his presence. Her mood swings and extravagant nature can sometimes become a cause of conflict between them.

Sexual Compatibility Between Cancer Man and Sagittarius Woman

When a Cancer male gets physically intimate with a Sagittarius woman, the sexual relationship blooms and flourishes with passion and sensuality. The warmth of their closeness makes their sex life truly intoxicating. The differences in their personality help them strike a balance in their sexual experience. Cancer man adds sensuality and sensitivity to their lovemaking and Sagittarius woman makes it more interesting by adding the element of fun. This approach and balance leads to happy, lively and satisfying sexual experience for the couple. When she plays naughty games with him and teases him, he enjoys it more than anything else and feels aroused by her sex appeal. She also has a similar effect when her man leads her to the world of fantasies. The couple enjoys spending time in each other’s arms, hugging each other and exploring each other’s bodies. Her heart starts to pound when he touches her and caresses her.

Marriage Between Cancer Male and Sagittarius Female

Marital bond between a Cancer male and Sagittarius female evolves and flourishes only when they are completely and insanely in love with each other. With his support, he is able to make his Sagittarius girl feel safe and instills her faith in love which she had lost due to bad experiences in love. He loves her passionately and appreciates her courageous and straightforward attitude. She also loves him for being his mentor in professional and personal life. She loves her freedom and feels suffocated when her man tries to control her. She needs to be handled with care. Her mood fluctuations are a mystery for him as he keeps gauging her mood. He may not be the best choice for him but his love, support and comforting nature makes her feel cared. When the duo falls deeply in love, they are able to take their marriage beyond their egos which results into a beautiful bond. She transforms into a more stable and softer girl with his love. This brings more harmony and understanding between the partners helping them enjoy a happy married life.

How to Impress a Sagittarius Woman

Creating an impression on the minds of a Sagittarius woman may not be that easy. To get her attention, you need to wear your confidence very smartly. You need to make her feel happy and good. Pay attention to her dressing and look and compliment her. Do not try to dominate her or take away her independence in any manner. She will not like it. Don’t be an open book to her. Let her explore you and find out about you. Mystery interests her and she will enjoy solving your riddles.

Positive Traits of a Sagittarius Woman

A Sagittarius girl is very confident and optimistic. She knows what she wants in her life. She is able to define her goals and aims and makes all possible efforts to reach them. She in an intelligent woman and has a strong ability to analyze. She is very generous. Her ability to speak her mind and straightforward approach towards life keeps her mind and life simple and sorted. She is always full of lots of energy and is a fighter.

Recommendations for Cancer for Better Compatibility

To make this relationship work, here a small tips for the Cancer male to ensure higher compatibility with his Sagittarius female:

  • She doesn’t like to be ordered or dictated. If you want her to do something, advice her, suggest her but never order her.
  • She is extravagant and loves to spend. Don’t get annoyed with her habit. Talk to her and make her understand the importance of money.

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