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Gemini Personality and Characteristics

Gemini Personality and Characteristics

People born under Gemini zodiac sign are very intelligent. New subjects always interest them. They are enthusiastic personalities who are always up for something new. Their ability to learn new things and absorb new subjects makes them a versatile and colorful personality. They are out-of-box thinkers who don’t hesitate in voicing their opinion. They work really hard on polishing their communication skills which makes them a wonderful orator. They are extremely witty and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Along with these amazing qualities they also possess some negative shades in their personality. They lack focus which leads to not so great results. Their inconsistency in approaching for their goals also fetches them less. They are indecisive which often results in missing on great opportunities. They always have two minds about everything.

They don’t pay attention to details which makes them a superficial learner. There is no depth in their knowledge which most of the times doesn’t pay them well. All these negative points demand more hard work to succeed. But on the whole, they are lovely individuals.



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