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How To Feel More Gratitude

feel gratitude

When we are small, we always remember to be grateful for all small things people do for us. We even say our prayers without fail before having our meals but as we grow up, we start forgetting the good things that our parents and teachers had taught us. We all know that expressing gratitude towards those who have been helpful to us in various big and small things is the sweetest gesture which never costs anything rather helps us earn a relationship. Despite that we would just forget about it because it seems unimportant to us. God has showered us with so many good things which we forget to notice and value as a result of which we miss on the opportunities to feel happy and lucky.

This article brings out certain points which we must keep in mind in order to be more grateful as it is a wonderful virtue and is very important in making us a better individual. So let us know what these things are which can help us become a more grateful person.

  • Promise Yourself

You really need to make efforts to acknowledge the support and help other have offered you and to do that you need to make a promise to your own self that you will always pay an extra attention to the good you have and the good people are doing to you. Sometimes we are busy, sometimes we just miss to notice and sometimes we just don’t care; there are so many reasons because of which we are just not bothered to notice what we are gifted with. So take the first step and promise yourself that from now on you will be more attentive to notice what good you have.

  • Find Out

The moment you will just and start exploring all the good things that you have been blessed in your life and all the sweet gestures that people have made to make your life better. For sure, you will come across thousands of things in which you are far better and blessed than others. This will change your perception towards your life and you will start valuing what you have by knowing how important it is for you.

  • Make a Vow to Practice Gratitude

The best way to start practicing gratitude is to take an oath to imbibe it in your life. This will motivate you to become more serious and conscious about this activity. This way you will be able to make it a part of your life and practice it on daily basis despite a busy schedule or a bad day at work.

  • Start Practicing Present Moment Gratitude

It feels so good when you start to acknowledge and appreciate your life, the small things which you would otherwise miss. When you are having your first morning tea with your wife and kids, it is a special moment and you must be grateful for it. As and when you come across something nice that brings a smile to your face then it is worthy enough for you to express your gratitude.

  • Sharing is Caring

We all have learned at our schools that sharing is caring. If you can find a partner at your office or neighborhood or family who can become a partner with you in this act of being grateful then you can really make the most out of your promise. You will be able to push and motivate each other to perform better. You will have someone to keep check on what you are doing. When you will share each other’s experiences, you will feel zealous to make more efforts to take your efforts to a higher level.

  • Mind Your Language

What you speak has the major role to play in your life. Make sure that you are polite to people. Avoid falling into unnecessary arguments. This is also a way of expressing your gratitude by not answering people back and by being soft in your speech.

  • Keep Doing What You Are Doing

Once you have begun practicing gratitude, keep doing it. Do not give it up once you start seeing the wonderful results it brings to your life. It is important that you don’t reduce the tempo of the efforts you are putting in as we all tend to relax when we start experiencing the benefits. The key is to keep doing your job and you will experience more changes in times to come.

  • Take it Easy

It is good to keep practicing the things you have planned for becoming more grateful but you can always take a break to keep it easy. Someday if you are not in the right mood, you don’t have to force yourself for expressing gratitude forcefully as it is just not right. You need to take it easy and then do it rather than making it sound like a big project with targets.

Once you will start practicing all the things that have been mentioned above, you will find yourself transforming into a better person with a better life. It is very important to value and appreciate what you have and you will surely experience amazing change in your life which will bring you all the happiness and satisfaction that you have been looking for.



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