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Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Love match of a Sagittarius male and Cancer female surely doesn’t rank high on the compatibility chart but these love birds have the potential to grab better ranks with their mutual support and understanding.

How Compatible are Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman?

The fate of the relationship between a Cancer female and Sagittarius male depends upon their ability to accept and respect each other for their individuality. Though they both make a very confusing couple but at the same time they are also blessed with the ability to make their love a success.

Cancer woman is known for her care and concern. She is always there for her man, to take care of his needs and desires and to support him. She is a beautiful companion to him who enlightens him with her precious advice and guides him to achieve his goals. He also promises to take good care of her in every phase of their life. The couple may face turbulence in their relation because of her possessive nature and his nature to make critical remarks. With their mutual understanding and acceptance, they can make a long lasting combination.

Sexual Compatibility Between Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman

When a Sagittarius male gets physically intimate with a Cancer female, there is smooth warmth in their relationship which evolves from the perfect blend of their Water and Fire elements. Once he begins to understand his lady and read her moves, he begins to respond on the same lines and create a beautiful equation with his love. Her moods are fluctuating and he needs to keep his moves according to these changes. She is very creative when it comes to lovemaking and this ability of the Cancer girl keeps their physical relation always fresh and vibrant. When she is in bed with her man, she feels like the princess. She demands her man to act more and shower her with his love and romance. Physical expression is an important part of their intimacy. He may at times end up hurting her innovative girl with his harsh remarks which may make her cold. When they are both in love with each other, to reach oneness, they must focus on physical expression as this will leave no room for harsh remarks and the couple will enjoy a satisfying relation.

Marriage Between Sagittarius Man and Cancer Woman

When a Sagittarius man marries a Cancer female, he lets her free from all the rules. He loves and respects his lady who always impresses him with his mysterious abilities and magnetic charm. He loves to explore his lady and wants to know every bit of her. He doesn’t mind sharing his bag of secrets with his love as the level of comfort he shares with her is amazing. The couple is blessed with the power of love to resolve all their differences and mature into a strong couple driven by pure love. They can attain the state of oneness for which they both strive. With the passage of time, both the partners learn to grow into better human beings. She learns to be more open to her man and he also shows his responsible behavior towards his marriage. This leads into a more secure relationship which keeps them strongly bonded. They have the ability to create the most colorful rainbows of their love with their romance and passion.

How to Impress a Cancer Woman

In order to gain more points with your Cancer lady, you must learn to handle her with care as she is quite sensitive. Watch your words before your speak. Don’t rush; keep it slow as she may take her sweet time to open up. Be patient and focus on winning her trust before winning her heart. Develop a feeling of trust and confidence in your lady about you and she will fall for you within no time.

Positive Traits of Cancer Woman

Cancer lady is an emotional soul. She is very much attached with her near and dear ones. To her, family is the strongest attachment. She is very loyal towards all her relationships. This makes her a very loving and caring person who nurtures every bond she creates. She is also very protective about her lover, family and friends. She is also very imaginative and intuitive.

Recommendations for Sagittarius for Better Compatibility

Here are some useful suggestions for the Sagittarius man have been listed below:

  • You need to be more expressive to your lady. She needs your physical love to feel more secure and happy.
  • Don’t be very harsh with your words as she is truly sensitive.
  • She will never be able to cut completely from her family so don’t expect her to ignore them as to her family is one of the most important things in life.
  • Be patient with her as she may take some time to open up with you.

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