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Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Sagittarius male and Taurus Female Love Compatibility

The combination of a Taurus female and Sagittarius male is a blend of various colors which range from attraction to passion and annoyance to irritation. There is nothing similar in their personalities because of which they experience affinity and repulsion. With understanding, they can learn to strike a balance.

How Compatible are Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman?

The love association of a Sagittarius male and Taurus female is very different as both these partners are quite different in their approaches. While he looks for excitement and thrill in life and stays away from commitments, she prefers leading a more stable and settled life where promises are a must.

Though they both are very different but still she doesn’t take very long to fall for the intelligence and optimistic attitude of the Sagittarius man. She admires and adores him for a lot of things which she has never ever encountered in her own life. She fills his life with her tender love and takes complete care of his life and family. Her loyalty and warmth adds more strength to their relationship.

Sexual Compatibility Between Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

When Sagittarius male gets physically involved with his Taurus female; lots of romance, passion and energy rules their sex life. For him, sexual intimacy is a different facet of their relationship. He longs for emotional experience in love making which lies beyond passion for him. On the other hand, she is really sensitive and sensual. When she makes love to her man, she expresses her deep emotions through her acts of love. When both these partners connect, they enjoy a long-lasting and satisfying association. Her sensuality and his passion blend beautifully bringing out their love in the most fulfilling manner. They know that they don’t share similar sexual needs and they proactively understand what the other one desires and expects so that they are able to make every sexual encounter special and interesting. To enjoy the best experiences in bed, both the partners need to make it happen with their mutual efforts and understanding. They need to get involved physically, emotionally and mentally so that they are able to enjoy the beautiful journey to unison which brings their body, mind and soul together.

Marriage Between Sagittarius Man and Taurus Woman

When Sagittarius male marries the Taurus woman, he finds her a very humble and modest person. Though they don’t have anything in common but they make up for what the other partner lacks thereby transforming into a beautiful and happily married couple. He is her great friend who keeps her happy with his romance and promises. She turns out to be the best wife for him who takes care of the smallest thing in his life and stands in his support every time. When the couple learns to acknowledge and appreciate the differences they have, they begin to enjoy a smooth association. Their marriage gradually turns into a wonderful experience. She easily understands the dreams and desires of her man. He learns to become a more responsible and caring husband who starts to spend more time with his lovely wife. The intensity of loyalty deepens with time thereby making them more comfortable and proud of each other. As time passes, their marriage keeps getting stronger and warmer. The couple enjoys every shade of romance and love in their beautiful marriage.

How to Impress a Taurus Woman

To woo a Taurus female, you must impress her with your wonderful dressing sense. When you go out to meet her, make sure you dress in the best manner possible. She demands respect from the man she would love so don’t take her lightly and acknowledge her goodness. She is not very fast; do not rush with your relationship. Keep it slow and she will soon say a yes.

Positive Traits of Taurus Woman

Taurus woman is a very simple lady. She is modest, humble and down-to-earth. She is someone on whom you can depend in your tough times and she will always be there to help you. She doesn’t lose her patience so soon. She is very persistent which makes her an achiever. She keeps doing her job with dedication and regularity to achieve her goals. She is an independent soul.

Recommendations for Sagittarius for Better Compatibility

Some useful suggestions for the Sagittarius man have been listed below:

  • Be more responsible towards your relation so that your Taurus girl feels more secure in this association.
  • She loves to stay at home and spend quality time with you and you love to go out. Try to give as much time to your relation as possible as it will help in making it more stable and long-lasting.


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{ 3 comments… add one }
  • Venus Ruled
    June 5, 2014, 3:55 am

    I have been with my sagg for about 2 years , and I love him. But the trick to sag guy taurus girl is to always make sure he loves you more .

  • AngelPaws
    July 17, 2014, 3:09 am

    Not all Taurus women love to stay at home. I know many Taurean women that don’t, including myself. I think that Taurus women and Sagittarius men are very compatible and more compatible than most people or websites say. Both have an intellectual and altruistic nature to do good and be humanitarian. Both also have a great sense of humor and are very honest and laid back. There’s an instant attraction and they make great friends, which is the basis for great love. I think Sagittarius men can be manipulated by other signs known to be manipulative, such as Scorpios and Cancers. I know this one guy that is clueless that his wife is using his money and seeing another man while he is deployed in another state. He’s sentimental about their long history and tries to make it work but she’s detached because she’s seeing someone else. I say, why do two people stay together if any manipulation has to be involved and if they are not truly happy with one another.

  • mary ginetteb
    July 29, 2014, 9:03 pm

    I’m a Taurus woman and my husband is a Sagittarius. We love each other so much (he loves me a little more). He’s my best friend and we can’t get our hands off each other! We enjoy life to the fullest together and we’re always trying our best to conquer our goals. Love is about respect, trust, and passion. We make each other laugh everyday.