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Significance Mole On Upper Lip

We all know that as per astrology, the placement of mole on different parts of body signifies different things. Astrologers have the knowledge because of which they are able to establish a connection and reveal something about our destiny or personality. Moles differ in their shape, size, color and placement because of which they indicate something unique about a person. This post intends to study the significance of presence of mole on upper lip. We  have seen many people and [...]

Meaning of Moles on the Face

Moles on face have always had a special significance in terms of beauty. They are not only an addition to your looks but they also unfold interesting mysteries related with your nature and future. Depending upon their placement, color, size and shape, they have a story to tell. If you also have a mole on your face but you don’t know what it predicts about your destiny then this article will help you find some clues which are based on [...]