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Meaning of Moles on the Face

Meaning of Moles on the FaceMoles on face have always had a special significance in terms of beauty. They are not only an addition to your looks but they also unfold interesting mysteries related with your nature and future. Depending upon their placement, color, size and shape, they have a story to tell. If you also have a mole on your face but you don’t know what it predicts about your destiny then this article will help you find some clues which are based on the beliefs of the people from the ancient times.

Find Out the Mystery of Moles on the Face

Follow the sequence marked on the illustration given and find out what each mole predicts for you.

Moles from Position 1 to 3:

The person is born with innate innovative approach. He is a free bird who loves to live by his own terms. He does not like to be dominated and loves to do things his own way. Never interfere with such people.

Mole at Position 4:

This mole predicts the person to have a vibrant and vivacious personality. He is a charming person. He may be impulsive which may lead to an unstable life. He needs to learn to be patient and plan his life logically.

Mole at Position 5:

This person may have to experience misfortune which is brought on by family or friends. He may not be lucky with money. Those who have a mole at this position must not trust people easily. Be very cautious with your money and don’t let anyone control them for you.

Mole at Position 6:

This mole predicts the person to be highly creative and smart. He will have an artistic bent of mind. His talent in art will help him earn great success, name, fame and money. But this glory will only come to those you are courageous and hard working.

Mole at Position 7:

This mole positioned at this place reflects that the native may experience difference and conflicts with his family. This will lead to financial issues. The person will live a disturbed life, both personal and professional.

Mole at Position 8:

The person with this kind of a mole will have financially difficult times. He needs to prevent unwanted sexual advances. He may also engage in gambling and flirting around with opposite sex. This is not considered as a good place for a mole.

Mole at Position 9:

People with a mole at this position need to prevent unwanted sexual advances to avoid complications in life. This is considered as a bad place for the mole which brings along lots of troubles in life.

Mole at Position 10:

The person is unlikely to have children or grandchildren. Even if he has children, he stays deprived from their love and affection.

Mole at Position 11:

The person experiences long term bad health. He stays ill all his life. This is not a good mole and having it removed is the best option otherwise it will never let the person life a healthy life.

Mole at Position 12:

The person faces problems concerning his food. But otherwise he is a rich person with great name and fame. He enjoys a successful professional life along with a satisfying personal life. Women with such a mole are considered extremely lucky. They are also very beautiful and classy.

Mole at Position 13:

For such people, their children are the main focus of their life. They work hard all their life to give them a good future but they don’t enjoy cordial relations with them. But they possess great tolerance power.

Mole at Position 14:

Such a person is delicate and can fall ill because of food poisoning or allergy. He may be allergic to certain food articles which can make his life a little difficult and complicated. He needs to be very watchful about what he eats.

Mole at Position 15:

It reflects that the person is a traveler. He loves to visit new places and experience new things in life. He doesn’t like to live a monotonous life. He embraces change with happiness. He is observant.

Mole at Position 16:

The person needs to be really cautious about his food and sexual desires. They can create complications in his life. He needs to be very particular and disciplined about both the things. Problems like weight issues and morality concerns can lead to disturbances.

Mole at Position 17: 

This mole indicates a wonderful conversationalist and a person of strong social standing. He enjoys impressive status in the society but his tendency of not staying grounded can take away this importance from him.

Mole at Position 18:

The person will experience lots of travelling in his life. Lots of overseas trips are to happen. But he needs to be very cautious while travelling in terms of security and food because the mole wants him to be home.

Mole at Position 19:

This is an amazing position for the mole. It brings along money and helps in winning lots of friends. The person falls frequently for the opposite gender which may become a reason for complications for him.

Mole at Position 20:

This mole can prove to be either very lucky or unlucky. The person either enjoys great fame or experiences infamy. He is intelligent and creative. It depends on the native how he uses his qualities to make his life. He must not get involved in criminal acts. He will be an important person in life, positive or negative, depends on his deeds.

Mole at Position 21:

Person with his mole can have foot problems. It is a positive mole which reflects name and fame in life. Person will enjoy good food and drinks in life. He needs to be cautious of water-related accidents.

Mole at Position 22:

The person will have a smooth and happy life. If he loves sports and is extremely passionate about one then he can become a champion in his favorite sport. All he needs to focus on is his safety while travelling.

Mole at Position 23:

This mole is a lucky one. It indicates for a rich person with high IQ and EQ levels. The person will be active till his old age. He will have his family and friends with him till the end. He will be able to face the toughest competitions with his innate intelligence.

Mole at Position 24:

This mole brings good fortune and fame at an early age which fades with age. The person may experience a challenging old age. He must use his early success to make his later years secure and safe.

Mole at Position 25:

This mole indicates that the native will enjoy recognition and glory in his life. To sustain this fame, he will have to stay grounded. Arrogance and extravagance can cause the success to fade away soon.


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