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Taurus Man and Gemini Woman Love Compatibility

Taurus male and Gemini female Love Compatibility

Though Taurus man is very different from Gemini woman but these differences can transform into advantages if the couple is able to manage them well. To make this relationship healthy, they need to make efforts to reach equilibrium.

How Compatible are Taurus Man and Gemini Woman?

Compatibilty between a Taurus man and Gemini woman is largely influenced by the differences in their personalities. Taurus man is calm and smooth whereas Gemini woman is fast and quick. She will quickly fall for his confidence and he will instantly like her vivacious nature but the longevity of their relation will depend upon how well they are able to deal with these differences which are so prominent.

The way to a Taurus man goes via his stomach as he is food lover but he may have to make compromises in his needs in this relation as Gemini woman is a social butterfly who cannot sit at one place. Taurus is a homebody who is happy in his space but she loves to socialize. Their relationship may face problems due to these differences because he may not like her getting involved in social affairs beyond a certain point. If the couple can reach to a mutual understanding then surely it is a good match.

Sexual Compatibility Between Taurus male and Gemini Female

Sexual compatibility between the couple can be really thrilling. Taurus man enjoys romantic, sensuous and highly attached expression of love. He is very traditional and has a certain way of making love to his woman which is standard and stable. Gemini woman is vibrant and full of energy which reflects in her desires in bed. She needs to be physically stimulated to that she stays mentally charged. She hates monotony and looks for experimentations and adventures every time she is making love to her male. Taurus man needs to be on his toes to match up with the experimenting nature of his lady. He needs to incorporate an element of surprise by adding some flirting to his act. He must use his stamina and masculine body to involve in more interesting and adventurous sexual acts with his partner so that the couple can enjoy a colorful sex life.

Marriage Between Taurus Man and Gemini Woman

When a Taurus man gets married, the most important thing in his life turns out to be this relation. It has the power to control his head, heart and soul. That’s why he tries his level best to deal with the uncertain mood swings of his Gemini lady and tries to manage with her fast nature. She loves to socialize and meet new people whereas he is happy with his small and warm group of friends. He is very possessive about his life partner. He trusts her and waits for her after she has fulfilled all her social commitments to come back. This waiting and expecting can cause some problem in their relation. Though the couple can deal with this issue by talking it out and reach to a common conclusion. Once they are able to attain balance by dealing with their differences, they will be able to lead a better life together. Taurus man will become less possessive and Gemini woman will be able to manage her space. Both the partners have the ability to create a good level of understanding and chemistry which can reward them with wonderful moments of love and intimacy.

How to Impress a Gemini Woman

Impressing a Gemini lady will not be easy. She enjoys parties, good humor, classy flirting and intelligence. You really need to be smart, witty and intelligent to win her attention. Talk about your interests and likings to flaunt your good taste. Don’t push her rather keep it easy and smooth. She demands class and authenticity. Don’t fake and don’t even think of fooling the smart lady. Woo her with your talent and abilities and she will love you for what you are.

Positive Traits of Gemini Woman

Vivacious, lively, energetic and smart. These are a few adjectives which perfectly define a Gemini woman who is a lively social butterfly. She is broad minded and is open for new ideas. She is not born to follow rules as she believes in following her heart and doing the right thing. She has an exceptional sense of humor. She never fails to impress people with her witty remarks and hilarious jokes. She is born with a natural talent to communicate. She is very particular about every word she picks and sentence she forms. This lady has wonderful knowledge and impressive expression which can get her all the attention.

Recommendations for Taurus for Better Compatibility

Here is a list of points for the Taurus man which promises better compatibility with his Gemini woman…

  • She is a social body. Don’t try to put restrictions and constraints on her social activities. She will not like it.
  • Don’t be over-possessive and over-protective about your lady as she will find very difficult to deal with it.


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