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2018 Aquarius Health Horoscope | Aquarius Health Astrology

2018 Aquarius Health Horoscope, Aquarius Health Astrology

Aquarius born January 20 to February 18

Health Horoscope 2018 for Aquarius predicts that the ruling planets for health are Capricorn and cancer. This year you are blessed with good health. You will have loads of vitality energy levels to boost. However you my experience some minor health issues if you do not follow a good diet and an exercise regime. Avoid over eating and junk food eating. This can have a bad effect on your tummy and bowls. You may have some problems relating to knees, veins and ankles. Aquarius Health Horoscope predicts that you will be overloaded with work which may result in increase of bank balance and heaviness in purse, but it will also bring sleeplessness and improper blood circulation. Work load will add to your stress and gastric troubles. Aquarius health 2018 suggests that eat healthy and on time. Do meditation to relieve stress. Healthy food will help to keep your tummy happy. Take a break from your work occasionally and enjoy and stay happy. Go for long walks and jogs to stay fit.

Aquarius Health Problems

Aquarius Health Astrology predicts that this year Aquarius may be effected with health issues like Varicose veins, cramps, allergies, sudden illness and unforeseen accidents. There could be heart related issues, ankle and circulatory problems. They may suffer from sleeplessness and headaches. This could result in nervous disorders also.

Possible Health Concerns

Aquarius Wellness Horoscope says that this year issues with stomach, bowels, ankles, knees and veins. Also, be prepared to tackle sleeplessness and blood circulation. There will be lot of work load in profession which may lead to hysteria and stress. It is mandatory that you eat well and try loading up vitamin B in your daily diet. There might be colds, flu congestion in the lung till October since Saturn will be lodged in Libra. Take good care of your diet and keep exercising.

Aquarius Foods to Avoid

Aquarius tend to neglect their food and don’t have healthy food eating time and habits. They should include food like beetroot, broccoli, lettuce, chickpeas, potatoes, peaches, peanuts, and bananas. They may have protein deficiency over a period of time, and vitamin deficiency or calcium retention. Celery, cauliflower, carrots, fish, white meat, coconut and apples are this year. Aquarius may experience problems arising out of excessive eating.

Aquarius Physical Structure

Aquarius Physical Traits Female are like their zodiac sign are very slender, slim and tall in their physical structure. They have a sharp nose and thick voluminous hair. They may look serious in their face, but their sparkling eyes give them liveliness. They cheeks get dimpled when they smile. They have a good voice and capture people with their speech. They become eccentric and hyper.  Male also look very tall and charming.

Aquarius Beauty

Aquarius wellness Horoscope says that Aquarius like to be very simple the way they look. They wear comfortable clothes. They prefer comfort over fashion. They are not into heavy make-overs and make-up. They are practical in what they wear. They carry themselves very gracefully in every dress they wear. They look very graceful in retro-dresses.

Aquarius Mental Health

Aquarius mental health predictions say that this year you will experience a lot of stress due to overload of work. You will have sleeplessness and headaches. You may also have nervous problems and anxiety. There could be a chance of hysteria and anxiety. It is advised to do meditation and delegate work to avoid work pressure.

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