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5 Cute Myths About Love and Relationships

Myths about love and relationships

We come across a thousand things about love relationships that tell us about the right and wrong things that we must do and we must avoid doing when we are in love. But it is not at all wise to blindly follow any advice mentioned in a newspaper or shown in a romantic movie. Surely it can harm your relationship if you don’t give them a serious thought.

This article unfolds the five myths about love and relationship that we all come across in a novel or movie. These myths must be avoided or else they can seriously kill your love association. So let us see what these myths are….

  1. If you love me then you will……

You can complete the sentence with anything that strikes you. This is like you are putting your love through some kind of test. This is making love sound like some conditional deal. It is not right to seek some kind of proof from your partner. This can be really very unhealthy for your relationship as it a kind of expression which means either that I don’t believe in your love and hence you need to prove them to be by doing something that I demand or that I don’t give a damn to your emotions and feelings, what I want is what I want. If your lover is sensitive and smart then he will take such statement as the warning sign and will give second thoughts to this association. You need to know that there is nothing wrong in keeping demands or expressing your expectations to your partner when you are in love but then it is also very important that how do you voice them and how much importance do you give to your partner.

  1. If love is meant to happen then it will happen

This is such a lazy approach to life. Nothing happens on its own. You have to make efforts for things to happen. If you want to learn music, you just cannot sit back and wait for it to happen thinking that if it has to happen then it will happen. You need to make efforts to learn it. Likewise you also need to learn to love. Obviously, there is something known as chemistry between two individuals that matters but to make your relationship work, you need to make efforts. You need to nurture it with your love, attention, care and concern. You need to start acting or else love will never happen even if it was meant to happen.

  1. Love is enough

Well not really. It is not just that you need to stay together. You need lots of other things to keep your relationship going smooth. There has to be an understanding between the two of you, there has to be an intention to be with each other to face the challenges of life with patience and maturity. Remember real life is not at all similar to the life you experience on the celluloid. Movie paint a love association as a beautiful romantic relationship which doesn’t need anything other than love to survive. Well that is a big myth. With time so many changes take place in your life that you need to cope with up to keep your love relationship fresh and alive. And when you get married to your lover, there are so many things that come in picture other than love which cannot be missed.

  1. Love at first sight

This is one of the most common beliefs. People say that as soon as you meet your Mr. Right, you would know and it will be love at first sight. Well nothing of that sort actually happens. At the very first sight, you can get attracted to someone but not fall in love with him or her. Love is not just about looks, it is also about being able to strike the right frequency with that person, being able to develop an understanding with him or her. You can never really tell if someone is your soul mate or not when you meet them the first time as there are so many things on which your choice and decision depend. So don’t go by this myth as nothing of the sort exists on the planet.

  1. Your partner will change

Never live by the myth that you will control and change your partner. You can never do that. People usually say that once you get into a relationship, you can change the person but the fact is that the only person you can change is you. Never go by this myth as you will find yourself utterly disappointed as nobody changes the way you want them to be. What you are able to see and experience now, you should consider only that behavior as the real one, rest all it ambiguous. If your partner is into smoking or drinking then just don’t go by the belief that once you get married, he is going to leave.

All these 5 myths have ruined many relationships because based on these beliefs, you start planning your love life, start structuring your expectations around them which is so not right. Hence, make sure that you don’t fall for any of the myths mentioned above.



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