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5 Things An Astrologer Considers for Relationship Compatibility

astrology relationship compatibility

Astrological calculations are very much important in measuring the levels of compatibility between two individuals. In fact, whenever two people decide to go for a relationship, they are curious to know about their compatibility, levels of understanding and their romantic life so that they can enjoy a smooth association. This is essential to avoid any kind of bad experiences in romantic relationships. These days every individual wants to make sure that his marriage or love association is healthy as per astrological calculations.

This article talks about the 5 most important things that every astrologer takes into consideration while calculating the relationship compatibility between two people. Let us read and know what these points are and how are they important.

Houses, Moon Signs and Sun: The Basic Three

These three things form the base on which the analysis is conducted. Whenever we talk about love relationships, we must consider the moon signs as they have an important role to play. Next to it are the placements of sun and moon in the houses of your horoscope which are studied by the astrologer. They are helpful in computing the energies of the signs along with frequencies which decide their compatibility and incompatibility. All this calculation helps in inferring the energies shared by the partners which define their comparability at different levels. This is the first most important thing to consider.

Ascendant Signs

They are also known as rising signs. They are studied because they tell about the awakening conscious of an individual. This is responsible for the personality you are. Astrologers study rising stars to compute how well two individuals are able to connect with each other based on the compatibility between their rising stars. In order to reach on a conclusion and to know the strength of the romantic association between them, astrologers conduct calculations to study the links that exist between the rising stars of the two partners. This gives a clear picture of their romantic bonding.

Planet of Passion and Planet of Love: Must for Romantic Bond

Mars is known as the planet of passion and Venus is known as the planet of love. When we talk about romantic relationships, these two planets play a strong role and that’s why astrologers study their position, movement, placement and various other things to reach on to conclusions concerning a relationship. Once different notifications of these two planets in the charts of the two individuals have been drawn, the astrologers then work to study the angles and the strength of chemistry between them. They look for the spark in the association which is must otherwise the bond will get dull.

Complementing Relationship

It is very important for a successful and happy relationship that one partner complements the other, only then an association can be balanced. To know that, astrologers study what one person has and what the other one needs. The idea is to strike the best balance possible so that the couple can have a smooth life together. Charts of both the individuals are studied independently and inferences are made based on conclusions derived.

Mirrored Aspects

Mirrored aspect is the last but very important thing that needs to be considered as it helps in calculating the relationship compatibility. Sometimes it happens that the location of any two planets or stars is not favoring for a healthy relationship but when the same equation is reviewed from mirror aspect, the situation can totally reverse. This is because the mirror ascendant links happen to bring forward the different picture of compatibility between two partners and that’s the reason because of which the astrologers study the mirrored aspects before reaching on to any kind of conclusion. Mirrored aspects are very helpful in studying the bond and partnership. This one different way of looking at the chart can actually change the complete situation and conclusion.

It is important that all the 5 points that have been mentioned above are kept in mind while working on compatibility of any two individuals. Every astrologer makes sure that these points are considered while calculating the levels of understanding, strength and longevity of a relationship. So if you are planning to marry your boyfriend then make sure that you have your compatibility derived for a better future.


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