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Relationship Between Zodiac and Moles

Relationship Between Zodiac and Moles

When we talk about astrology, we discuss stars and planets; their effect on our lives and how change in their position and equation completely changes our lives. It is believed in astrology that different parts of the human body are influenced by different stars. In the study of moles i.e. Moleoscopy, all these mysteries are deeply studied.

This post unfolds the connection between zodiac signs and moles. But before studying that let us have a look at the relationship between different sun signs and various parts of the body.

Zodiac Signs and Body Parts

Taurus is related with right eye, nose, face, neck and throat.

Gemini is associated with right ear, arms, shoulders, right hand and upper ribs.

Cancer is connected with breast, chest, lungs, stomach and elbow joints.

Virgo is related with abdomen, kidney and anus

Libra is connected with lumbar region, private parts and uterus

Scorpio is associated with groin, testicles and scrotum

Sagittarius is related with hips, thighs and legs

Capricorn is connected with nails, knees and knee caps

Aquarius influences left ear, teeth, legs and ankles

Pisces is related with left eye, feet and toes.

Color of the Moles

Moles are of different colors and hence they have different things associated with them.

Light Brown: Such moles are considered auspicious

Red: Red moles are known to be very fortunate

Black: Dark black moles are considered unlucky

Relationship Between Moles, Zodiac and Body Parts


Forehead: Makes a person hard working. He is blessed with success in business and happiness in marriage. If it is on left side then person needs to work harder.

Eyebrows: Mole close to right eyebrow makes a person persevering and successful in life. Mole close to left eyebrow makes him a coward indulged in drugs and drinks.

Eyes: Mole on outside or corners of the eye makes a person honest. He is blessed with inclination towards love.

Upper Lips: Makes a person wealthy.


Cheek: Mole on either cheeks make a person hard working. He enjoys playing sports. He will make a brighter future for himself.

Ear: It makes a person rich but on the lower tip of the ear increases chances of drowning in water.

Lower Lips: This makes a person delicate so they should take care of their health.

Chin: Placement of mole on chin makes a person friendly and warm. He loves to travel and is a successful business person.

Neck: Having a mole on front side of the neck is considered better than on the back side.


Shoulder: On left shoulder, it makes a person quarrelsome but is blessed with success in business. On the right shoulder, it makes a person wise and tactful. He is a wonderful business partner and never hesitates from working hard to achieve what he desires.

Armpit: Mole in the armpits make a person rich and also very attractive in looks.

Arms: This makes a person loyal. Gives strength to fight battles and be victorious.

Wrist: Makes you an inventive personality.

Hand: Bring high energy and wealth.

Fingers: Makes you a thief.


Elbow: Makes you a traveler. Not interested in marriage or settling down. No desire to have materialistic pleasures.

Chest: Makes the person unhappy, always indulging in fights.

Breasts: Mole on right breast makes bring sudden change in fortune. Mole on left breast makes you successful with many kids.

Nipple: Women with a famous child. Men who love to allure women.

Stomach: Slightly foolish with low common sense.


Back: You will be able to face all challenges and emerge a winner.

Flanks: Gifted with a comfortable life.


Navel: Females will have a healthy marriage with many kids. And males with have a wealthy and happy life.


Buttocks: Makes you a self centered person.

Back: Has a hard life with disappointments.


Nose: Men with moles on nose are passionate people. They are loyal and are great friends. They are successful but may have tough marital life.

Genitals: They have a happy married life. They are honest and openly share their thoughts. Women will have brilliant kids.

Groin: On right side, make you rich but with disease. On left side, makes you wealthy.


Hips: Makes a person faithful and hard working. He will enjoy success in life. But will have to work to attain what he wants.

Thighs: On right thigh, makes a person courageous and agrees easily. On left side, makes person hard working but he has inclination towards sex.


Knee: On left knee, makes a person dull and disloyal. Such person loves to engage in spending. On right knee, it makes a person honest. He enjoys success and company of lots of friends.


Leg: Mole on leg makes the person extravagant. He will fall in difficult times because of his own actions which will make life tough for him.

Ankle: Female with mole on ankle is very strong. But male with the same mole is coward.


Heel: Such a person is very energetic but also very malicious.

Instep: Such people can walk the longest distance but they have limited friends because of their nature to indulge in fights.

Toes: Such people have wealth to enjoy but have a bad marriage.

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