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Celebrations of Holi Festival 2018 by Different Zodiac Signs

Astrology celebration of Holi festival as per your zodiac sign

Holi is the festival of colors, celebrated by all the Hindus in the country. This festival is associated with spreading love, brotherhood, fun. People exchange wishes, sweets and forget all ill-feelings and grudges. This festival fills every one’s life with colors and happiness. People get together by spraying colors, Gulal (dry color) and drink bhang on this day. Every person enjoys this festival in their own way. They look forward to celebrate this holi with colors. Let us understand how each zodiac sign celebrates depending on their personality traits.

Aries: Aries love to celebrate this festival. They are very loud in their expression and will celebrate this festival with pomp and show. They will invite everyone around to celebrate this festival. They will form a group of friends and relative and celebrate this festival with lot of fun and joy. They celebrate with lot of enthusiasm and energy.

Taurus: This Sun sign has a much laid back attitude. They like to greet every one and they will celebrate this festival with very close friends and relatives. They will start this festival late because of their laid-back attitude, but will celebrate well. They will play with different colors and enjoy this festival.

Gemini: Gemini will have their own style of celebrating. In fact, they are very social so they will have many social group to interact on this day. They will have opposite sex in their groups. They like to use lots of colors and their choice of colors will be visibly noticed. They like to mingle with people and share their joy and happiness. They keep the atmosphere light and vibrant.

Cancer: This zodiac sign likes to celebrate with like-minded people. They mingle in a group only if they have special attention for themselves. If they are put in different groups for celebration there is a likely hood that they sulk, and then move to a corner and sit. They are most comfortable in small like-minded groups.

Leo: Leo, as the sun sign denotes are very aggressive and a festival like Holi is the perfect occasion to grab the limelight. They always will be the center of attention. They will do things that will draw every body’s attention. They will involve everyone in their conversation and crack jokes or say funny things to get every one’s attention quickly. This zodiac just loves to have fun and this festival is perfect to have lots of fun.

Virgo: Virgos are very systematic people. They don’t like to get themselves dirty in colors. Instead they spend time feasting with their family and friends. They greet every one and exchange home-made sweets. They will involve themselves in social activities. They prefer meeting people and spending some happy and pleasant moments with them rather than playing with colors.

Libra: Librans like to celebrate this festival in a special and unique way. They will be super excited about the festival and will plan and discuss how to celebrate in a grand way. When the actual day arrives, they will take a back seat and allow others to drive the celebration. The celebration will be with lot of fun, music and colors.

Scorpio: Scorpions are reserved in celebrations like Holi where there is big gathering. You have to make extra effort to pull them out of their comfort zone. They prefer to sit with like-minded people instead of playing colors with unknown group.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians love to socialize. They will enjoy this festival to the fullest with all their friends. They can mingle very easily in unknown groups too. They will utilize this occasion for socializing and meeting all their old friends and relatives. They will be highly extroverts and enthusiastic about this holi. They will motivate everyone around to celebrate this festival.

Capricorn : This zodiac sign will plan and arrange for a good get together on this festival. They don’t like to get dirty for a long time in colors and will come out of colors soon. They like to throw party and invite everyone at home. They have a warm heart and will treat everyone delightfully, and make this festival a very memorable one.

Aquarius: Aquarian zodiac sign will enjoy this festival by playing with colors, drinking bhang and eating sweets. They love to celebrate in large groups and are very comfortable mingling with unknown people also. They will travel distances also to meet people and play with colors. They will ensure that this festival will remain memorable for them and for those whom they meet.

Pisces: Pisces love water and this festival is the best time for them to have fun for them. They will take dips in colored water, splash water on every one and sprinkle colors. They are great hosts and treat their guests with love and warmth. They will serve good food and yummy sweets to their guests. They will be very cheerful full of fun and make other happy too.


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