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Gemini Career Yearly Horoscope 2018 | Gemini 2018 Predictions

Gemini Career Yearly Horoscope 2018, Gemini Predictions

The Gemini career horoscope 2018 predicts that the ruler of tenth house, Jupiter has a very strong impact on the Gemini career this year. This yields a positive result to the career. Saturn is another planet which is showing good impact on the career of Gemini. Both these planets will show their positive impact on careers of Gemini for both male and female.

If you are working employee, there is a high chance that you will develop a good report with your boss and you will get a promotion and a good salary hike. Those who are in business, there is lot of chance that you will get new business opportunities. There are good chances for Geminis to go abroad for on-site jobs or for business. Keep away from office politics and gossip.

Gemini zodiac sign is known for being very social. For men the most suited career roles are: A journalist, mentor, a talk show host, film director, project manager etc. For women the best suited jobs are: consultant entrepreneur, DJ, Hair stylist, make-up artist, translator etc.

Careers are Best Suited to Gemini Male

Gemini zodiac sign is the most social human amongst all the twelve zodiac signs. They don’t like to do routine paper work jobs. They are inherently hyper, impulsive and restless. Gemini career horoscope 2018 predicts that this social human being can do a good job in roles like a journalist where he has to be constantly be on his toes, they can be very good mentors as they are talkative, a talk show host again because they are talkative, a project manager as they are good in multi-tasking, a film director as it is a creative role and needs multi-tasking skills.

Careers for Gemini Woman

Gemini career astrology 2018 predicts that Gemini women are very versatile and talkative. Gemini prediction 2018 predicts that Gemini women will be highly successful if they take up professions that needs creativity multi-tasking and excellent verbal communication skills. They suit positions like a consultant where they have to interact with lot of people, language translator, entrepreneur, hair and make-up artist, a DJ, or a yoga teacher. They suit to positions which needs good communication skills, negotiation skills and creativity.

Gemini Education Horoscope 2018

Gemini education horoscope predicts that students must have self-motivation whether they are in school, college or perusing higher education. They should spend more time on studies than out door activities. They must motivate them self to work hard to get good marks and gain knowledge.

Exam Result Horoscope 2018 for Gemini

Exam results horoscope 2018 predicts that students who study and plan their studies and time properly re likely to gain good grades. Those who don’t plan properly are likely to score less as the examinations this year will be very tough. So time management and self-motivation is the key to success in exams.

Gemini Horoscope 2018 for Students

Horoscope for students 2018 predicts that this year is favorable for students who are appearing for exams. Time management, prioritization between play and studies and patience is the key to success. Those who follow all these are likely to succeed in the exams. Motivate your- self towards studies and indulge less in outdoor activities.

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Gemini Date Range: 20 May – 20 June Gemini Finance Horoscope 2018 states that you will get to have a comfortable flow of monetary gains because of the position of Jupiter and Saturn.

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