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Have Waited for Too Long in Love?

Have Waited for Too Long in Love

Some people are very lucky in love as they are able to find their soul mate without much wait and efforts. But some people spend months and years waiting for the love of their life. They sometimes feel that all that is never going to end. They start having doubts on existence of their romantic partner.

Time has an important role to play when it comes to love relationships. Meeting a person whom you will share the most amazing equations and compatibility is a matter of timing. Timing is nothing but the life situations that are perfectly synchronized in a manner that the potential partner is in the right frame to go for a committed relationship. It is important for the planets and stars to be aligned correctly so that you can find your love. To love and to be loved is a matter of all these celestial equations that change the world for you from dry, routine, boring days to times full of romance and relationship. It is because of the right timing that two people with different perspectives fall for each other. And it is again because of the wrong timing that two people with same perceptions fail to love each other even when everything seems perfect.

Saying that timing is the only thing that makes a relationship will be wrong but it is something that acts as a catalyst in making things happen. To be able to notice someone who has just crossed you, you need to be in the right frame of mind to notice him. But if you are tensed or engrossed in some deep thoughts then you might just miss noticing that person.

This article unfolds some interesting principles that talk about love and support the theory that love is out there and you are soon going to find it.

The Synchronicity Principle

The famous psychologist Carl Jung has coined this principle. Having spent his life analyzing studying astrology and Tarot, he came up with the term synchronicity which explains the concept of timing. As per the Synchronicity Principle, he has stated that there are no accidents in life. He believed that whatever happens in life, has a reason behind it and hence, element of time has an important role to play. When we talk about relationship timing then it is quite a complicated concept as you cannot decide that which is the right or not right time to meet someone. You can only know it by knowing how strong your thoughts are about that person and what you expect of that association.

The Law of Attraction

As per The Law of Attraction, we get attracted to those things on which we focus and to those that we draw everything to us by our thoughts. It is important to concentrate on what you desire and have clarity about it. And then you must start working in the direction that attracts you. Though timing is not under your control but you can always make efforts to move in the direction which appeals you. You must understand that just sitting and waiting for something to happen is not the right way. You must go out and let the Universe know what you desire. You need to keep acting and then someday you will end up finding someone special for whom you have been waiting all your life.

Based on the concepts stated above, you must understand one thing that timing plays a crucial role in life. The point when you are going to meet your soul mate is something that is not under your control but making efforts to reach to that point is certainly in your hands. Therefore, find out what you want and start moving in that direction. You need to do your part to be able to meet someone special.



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