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Libra Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

Libra Man and Cancer Woman Love Compatibility

If you can deal with the mood swings of a Cancer woman then you have the potential to win her for life. Libra man and Cancer woman are way too different from each other but they find it so natural and easy to fall in love with each other.

How Compatible are Libra Man and Cancer Woman?

As per astrology, Libra man and Cancer woman don’t take too long to fall for each other. Both these zodiac signs are very different in their personality, style and viewpoints because of which they often find it difficult to strike a balance. The sensitivity and caring nature of Cancer woman gets her the attention and love of Libra man. This love and care motivates them to compromise with these differences.

Cancer woman is always looking for love and support from her partner and Libra man often fails to provide that comfort which ends up making this relation difficult to manage. Libra man looks forward for a lavish and extravagant life which is not favored by the Cancer woman as she likes it simple. Cancer woman loves money and demands for it but Libra likes being lazy. There is more than one serious difference between the two personalities but if they can manage to deal with these differences by accepting them, only then they can enjoy a more comfortable and harmonious life together. They will have to work to attain that equilibrium by giving up frustration and annoyance. They are surely not the perfect couple but they make it work. The future of the relation between these two sun signs depends on their compatibility which is not very strong.

Marriage Between Libra Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is known for her mood swings which are very difficult to understand for anyone. Libra man is also very sensitive. Chances are quite bright that in the beginning of the relationship they may feel that they are the best match for each other because of the attraction towards each other. But once they get married, the introvert nature of Cancer woman and social liking of Libra man may start to clash. The differences in nature, priorities and likings will start to surface very strongly. Ego clashes and disagreements will become a part of life when both sun signs will try to interfere in each other’s creative expressions. While raising their kids, these differences may get out of control if both partners don’t reach to a solution. Differences in attitudes will result only into temporary peace. Resentment and stress will keep affecting their marriage.

Sexual Compatibility Between Libra Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer woman is extremely emotional. Libra man is also to take care of her sensitivity with his gentleness. Libra loves and enjoys the love and care which he gets from Cancer woman. The easy going attitude of Libra man upsets Cancer woman and annoys her to the unimaginative extremes. Libra man looks forward for a romantic sex whereas Cancer woman wants it to more interesting and fiery. She longs for emotional closeness and touch from her partner. She doesn’t mind taking the charge of their sex life to makes it more happening. The couple may enjoy a good sex life but their relationship will always be bumpy.

Positive Traits of Cancer Woman

A Cancer woman is special is lots of ways which makes her attractive and men want her in their life. Her intuitive powers and innovative imagination keep her out of the league. She doesn’t think like masses because she uses her instinct more than her head when it comes to taking a decision. She nurtures the man she loves. She is thoroughly loyal towards her relationship and madly admires her partner which makes her partner look her back. She is very protective and particular about her belongings, be it her relationships or possessions. She may not appear very emotional on the outside but is a very emotional being.

How to Impress a Cancer Woman

If you like some Cancer woman but you are too confused about how to go ahead with it then this information can be of great help to you. Show her that you care because she really longs for it. You need to be a great listener to impress her. Be ready to deal with her mood swings because sometimes even she may not know the reasons for it. Do be cautious of criticizing her on that. Flaunt your amazing sense of humor to make her laugh as loves men with interesting sense of humor. And most importantly she is very particular and practical about every single penny she spends. Don’t make any unnecessary expenses to impress her because she may not like that at all.

Recommendations for Libra for Better Compatibility

It will be a challenging love match for you because of the evident personality and attitude difference. Here are some suggestions which can help you attain equilibrium with your Cancer woman.

  • Spend time with her and express your love to her so that she doesn’t feel unimportant part of your life.
  • Try and surrender to some arguments not because you are wrong but because you love her.
  • Don’t be extravagant beyond her patience. Remember she is keeping a watch on every expense that you make.

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