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Who is a Better Match For Pisces Woman- Leo Man or Aries Man?

Love Match For Pisces Woman

If you are a Pisces woman and you are confused between a Leo man and Aries Man then this is one post which can help you decide. Given below are some of the positives and negatives of both these associations long with things you can do to make the relationship work. So read on and find out that what is the best decision for you.

Pisces Woman and Leo Man

Leo man and Pisces woman make an amazing couple. They are wonderful companions as they are blessed with great connection because of their differences. Pisces cannot lead and with Leos around they can easily follow. Leo knows how to make a woman feel loved and important. They enjoy each other’s company and blend beautifully with each other.

The complications in the relationship begin when Pisces gets involved thinking about her man of dreams and start looking for flaws in the Leo man. She feels that he has changed from the times they met first. Likewise, when Leo completely negates the opinion of Pisces woman and doesn’t think it is important to listen to her ideas. This hurts her because she had always known her man to be emotional and it is very difficult for her to see him cold.

How to Make Relationship with Leo Work?

In order to enjoy harmony and compatibility in your association, Pisces need to work on their mood swings. Keep a check on your mood and this will keep you man happy. You desire to have a serious, committed relationship can also be a big turnoff for your man. So touch this topic when you know it’s the right time. Leo would always treat you the best possible way, but don’t involve yourself in too many dreams.

Pisces Woman and Aries Man

When they both meet for the first time, they instantly get attraction. Aries are mesmerized by the physical appearance of the Pisces. He loves her sense of humor and enjoys her jokes. Pisces also loves the strong personality of Aries man.

The incompatibility between the couple cannot be neglected as they both have different frequencies. Aries man doesn’t like talking emotional things and they love to talk about their own selves. Pisces finds it very difficult to match because she is sensitive and emotional. He finds her dull and laid back and he is too adventurous for her. Though when they meet, they connect instantly and they have various topics to talk on but because of their strong differences, they cannot be in a romantic relationship. They make much better friends.

How to Make Relationship with Aries Work?

To make relationship with Aries man successful, you must learn to be independent. You cannot have this relationship work by staying in your world of dreams. Come out of it and be a woman with confidence and enthusiasm. You have to make sure that the spice in your relationship doesn’t die because Aries get bored easily. So don’t let your man get bored of you.

The best way to make the choice is to spend time with both the sun signs and you would automatically know that who is the best choice for you. One thing that has been highlighted in this post is that Leos make better partners to Pisces woman than Aries because Aries find it difficult to match with Pisces wavelength and deal with them in a patient manner. All the weak points in these two associations have been raised in this post, to help you take the best decision.

Always remember that astrology does play an important role but your heart and your willingness to make the relationship is above everything else. Every sign can be good and every sign can be bad, it totally depends on how you take that association and how much efforts you put in to make things work.


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