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Cancer Love and Relationship Horoscope 2017

Cancer 2017 Love Horoscope predicts a beautiful year of romance for the zodiac sign. Cancer Love Romance Horoscope suggests it to be a great year for love relationships. Cancer single love horoscope highlights that single Cancerians are expected to find love in 2017. Thanks to the supportive planetary equations that will bring good fortune to single Cancerians. This month you will be blessed with lots of romance and passion in your life which will add more fun and excitement to [...]

Aries Love Horoscope 2017

Aries 2017 Love Horoscope predicts that you will find your emotions getting more intense and relationship getting stronger. Relationship Horoscope 2017 highlights that you and your partner will be blessed with a romantic year as you will experience passion and compatibility with your beloved. Aries Relationship Astrology forecasts better understanding and deeper connections amongst you and your partner which will make this a happier and more romantic time for both of you. Love Horoscopes 2017 for Aries predicts that the [...]

Lady Love: Use Moon to Revitalize Your Love Relationship

Moon is one star which has the maximum effect on the romantic relationships. It has the strongest effect on your feelings and emotions. Every month, Moon moves across all the 12 zodiac signs where it spends almost two and a half days in every sign. And this movement is largely responsible for the compatibility between you and your partner. Journey of moon is studied to know about your emotions and that’s the reason why movements of Lady Love are so [...]

Taurus Love Horoscope 2016

The relationship and love astrological horoscope for Taurus zodiac sign for 2016 predicts that this year you are going to enjoy the most beautiful time as far as romance is concerned because your planets are going to favor all sorts of relationships. You will be very interactive and going to enjoy interesting communications with people around you. Electronic media is going to play an important role in building your relationships. For all the single Taurus people, who are interested in [...]

Leo Love and Relationships Horoscope 2016

According to the love and relationship horoscope for people born under Leo zodiac sign, the astrological predictions foretell that a lot is going to happen on the love front but things look little unsteady due to the influence of the planets. You are going to witness different phases of hope and despair in 2016. The 2016 astrological horoscope predicts that Lions are going to come across many options to fall in love. You are going to be innovative and absessive [...]

Capricorn Love and Relationships Horoscope 2016

The yearly love and relationship horoscope for Capricorn for 2016 predicts that this year will be a mix of different phases. Though the positions of the planets don’t seem very favoring for the zodiac sign but things will be smooth on love front. If you are single and looking for a partner then you might end up finding your someone special in the month of March 2016. You are not in any mood to get into commitments. You may come [...]

Cancer Love and Relationships Horoscope 2016

Talking about predictions for Cancer zodiac sign for love and relationship in the year 2016, they foretell that this year will be a time when you will experience different shades. Your love will surely not be monotonous as there will be ups and downs, make ups and breakups which will add spark to your life. If you are single and looking for love then this year you may fall into a relationship. You may find your soul mate with the [...]

The Worst 6 Astrological Romantic Associations

To be able to have a compatibility with your partner, it is very necessary that your planets have some coordination. Without the right equations, no zodiacs can match with each other. This is because the elements these sun signs represent, they sometimes do not jell well because of which there is a discord. This post talks about the 5 most difficult romantic relationships are per astrology that just don’t fit in with each other. Let us have a look at [...]

5 Cute Myths About Love and Relationships

We come across a thousand things about love relationships that tell us about the right and wrong things that we must do and we must avoid doing when we are in love. But it is not at all wise to blindly follow any advice mentioned in a newspaper or shown in a romantic movie. Surely it can harm your relationship if you don’t give them a serious thought. This article unfolds the five myths about love and relationship that we [...]