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How to be friends with an Aries?

best friends for aries

Aries are optimistic souls who are complete fun to be with. They are generous, adventurous, independent and vibrant individuals who believe in making things happen in life. They believe in taking the first step to bring the desired change. At the same time they are also very impatient and moody. So if you wish to become good friends with Aries then you must have a quick look at some of the important points which can really help you win their hearts and become their wonderful pals for life.

Points to Remember To Be Friends With Aries

They Love Attention

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac which makes them the number one. Hence, they always desire the limelight and the attention. So if you want to be friends with them then make sure that you give them all the attention they want so that you can accomplish the first step of winning their friendship with ease. You can always make them feel good and happy by paying a genuine compliment which is really very flattering. Remember, you need to satisfy their ego.

Know Their Traits

It is important to be aware of the positive and negative traits of Aries as with that knowledge you will be able to understand them in a better manner which will help you make better and easier friends with them. Here is a list of few positive and negative characteristics of Aries which one must know.

Positive Traits: Loyal, courageous, innovative, independent, generous, optimistic, enthusiastic, active, confident and fun to be friends with. They keep the atmosphere light and lively.

Negative Traits: Impatient, aggressive, selfish moody, impulsive, short-tempered, rash, indecisive and dominating.

Keep these personality traits in mind as it will keep you prepared with the reasons for their behavior.

Match Their Speed

Aries are fast in action and thought. They cannot handle anything that is slow paced. This makes them pursue new things in life. To be friends with them, you should be able to match with their fast pace or they will not wait for you as they love their speed a lot. So try and match their pace for the good.

Don’t Interfere With Their Space

Aries love their independence. They don’t like to cling on to sometime. Sometimes when they in a different mood, they want to spend some private moments with their own self as they want to stay alone. Hence, you must respect their personal space and understand it when they need it. This will surely make things very smooth between you and Aries friend. Do not mess with their freedom and space.

Be Adventurous and Daring

Aries love to live a vibrant and adventurous life. They find it difficult to get along with people who are shy, hesitant and love to stay in the comforts of life. To be friends with them, you need to be sporty, adventurous and daring. You need to do something thrilling to impress them and bring some more vibrancy to their life.

Allow Them to Control

Aries are born with leadership quality. You can never control them rather they love to control others because they enjoy taking charge of things. So when you are with such a person, you must leave the control to him and take a backseat.

Keep all these points in mind and surely you will be able to enjoy a smooth relationship with Aries thereby becoming wonderful friends for life.



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