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Leo Monthly Horoscope For November 2016

Leo November 2016 Horoscope

Leo 2016 horoscope forecasts that House of Home is very strong for people born under this zodiac sign which means that the month of November will be focusing on issues concerned with emotions and family. You will aim more on feelings than on materialistic things. Leo horoscope 2016 predictions suggest that during this month you will have to work in cooperation with others because your happiness will be dominated by their interests and in order to achieve your goals, you will have to have the support of others. Being assertive will not work for you. Understand the situation and work with flexibility as the time demands. You will have to make some compromises that are completely against your will.

Leo Career November 2016 Horoscope

Leo monthly career horoscope predicts that House of Career will be weak for the sun sign in November 2016. You just need to keep working without getting exhausted as your energy levels will be pretty low in this month. Whether you are in job or in business, you must only get involved in the tasks of importance. This is surely not a good month to begin a new job or start with a new project as the complete energy for this month will be very low and you must pass this month with ease.

Leo Love & Relationships Horoscope November 2016

Leo monthly love horoscope suggests that love relationships for the Lions are going to flourish beautifully. If you are single then romance waits for you in some other country. Romantic relationships are going to give your career a boost. If you are already in a relationship then you will see progress in it. If you are engaged then marriage is not far for you. If you married then you will have a romantic association with your spouse. Compatibility with your partner will be good. It is a good time to plan pregnancy as well. The last week of November 2016 is expected to create some turbulence in your present relationships as per Leo monthly love horoscope.

Leo zodiac will be spending quality time with family and friends. You will be concentrating on family related issues. You will also be giving time to your children. Social interactions and activities are also on cards for you. This is good time to take break from routine and engage in some areas of interest for leisure as this will help you feel stronger on the emotional ends and will also help you stay active and happy.

2016 November Health Astrology Horoscope

Leo health horoscope for November 2016 suggests that you will have to deal with health issues in the first three weeks as you will be low on energy and immunity. You must take care of your health and be proactive in taking measures for wellness. Sleep can help you maintain your energy levels. You are advised not to engage in unimportant activities as they will result in further loss of energy. Try to go for massages to feel relaxed and regain the lost vigor. This will surely help you feel much better and energetic. Horoscope predicts that you will feel much comfortable by the end of the month.

Leo November 2016 Astrology Forecasts For Finance

Leo monthly finance horoscope predictions highlight that your financial situation will be fine in November 2016. Career will contribute to your earnings but money inflow is also expected from family sources or property. Do not make any major investments in the first half of the month. Whatever decisions you take, take them after complete analysis and understanding.

Advice for Leo November 2016 Horoscope

  • Leo horoscope 2016 predictions suggest you to take regular rest in order to keep your energy levels maintained. Do not engage in unnecessary tasks.
  • Revitalization therapies can help you stay fit and happy.

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