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How Much Sleep You Actually Need As Per Your Zodiac Sign

Every person is unique when it comes to his likings, disliking, emotions and interests. We all are different and also similar in certain things. This is because of lots of influences of various things around us, one of which is influence of the planets. Our planets, their positions and our zodiac signs play a significant role in affecting our habits. So if you are fine with six hours of sleep and your friend is drowsy even after nine hours of sleep, you need to study the zodiac sleeping habits. Yes, you can actually know how much sleep does your sign need by studying sleep habits of zodiac signs.As per astrology, you can know zodiac sleeping hours, zodiac sleeping positions etc.

This post brings to you inputs on how much sleep you actually require as per your zodiac sign.

Aries Sleeping Habits

aries sleeping habitsMarch 21ts to April 19th
Aries are full of high energies and they usually burn their energies by involving themselves in some physical activity like a sport or exercise. A decent amount of sleep required by this sun sign is 6-7 hours. They enjoy a comfortable sleep if they are sleep in cooler places and if there is a soothing background score then it always help them sleep better.

Taurus Sleeping Habits

taurus sleeping habitsApril 20th to May 20th
Taurus love to sleep and they can actually sleep for 24 hours without complaints. They don’t mind having some booze before going to bed to have a relaxed sleep. It is the influence of their ruling planet Venus because of which no sleep is good enough for them.

Gemini Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits of Gemini ZodiacMay 21st to June 20th
People born under Gemini sun sign tend to think a lot because of which they will either end up sleeping for a long stretch of 12 hours or if you have been thinking way too much then your sleep will be as short as 2 hours. So you must meditate before going to bed so that you can have a comfortable sleep with your mind and body at ease.

Cancer Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits Cancer ZodiacJune 21st to July 22nd
Cancers enjoy a healthy sleep of around 9-10 hours every day. The moment they get into their blanket, they don’t have to struggle to get their sleep but when they are travelling, they find difficult to sleep on road. Their nightmares are a result of their habit of taking their thoughts to sleep which sometimes cause distress.

Leo Sleeping Habits

Leo sleeping habitsJuly 23rd to August 22nd
Leos sleep for decent seven hours or so. They enjoy cozy and warm beds. They sleep on their back and get a comfortable sleep when they have a loved one next to them. They are fond of bedtime conversations with their partners or loved ones.

Virgos Sleeping Habits

virgo sleeping habitsAugust 23rd to September 22nd
Virgos are with sleep beyond three hours but they have a serious problem of over-thinking which often interferes with their sleep. To sleep well, you are recommended to pen all your tasks for tomorrow in your diary so that nothing bothers you when you are relaxing.

Libra Sleeping Habits

Libra sleeping habitsSeptember 23rd to October 22nd
Libras sleep for around eight hours a day. They prefer staying away from late nights and staying grounded. But sometimes they are unable to strike a balance between their sleep as they would end up craving for more or sleeping way beyond their average time.

Scorpio Sleeping Habits

Scorpio sleeping habitsOctober 23rd to November 21st
Scorpios are alive and active at night. They usually sleep for a couple of hours because their brain is doing all possible activities at that time. They seriously need to meditate and go for some relaxation therapies to sleep well.

Sagittarius Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits Sagittarius ZodiacNovember 22nd to December 21st
If they can manage, they would never sleep because sleeping is missing on your time. They are quite restless when it comes to their sleep. They can comfortably manage their life with minimum amount of sleep possible.

Capricorn Sleeping Habits

capricorn sleeping habitsDecember 22nd to January 19th
Capricorns understand the importance of sleep and for them at least five hours of sleep is must. They can spend another few hours dreaming about their future which often makes them restless. Stress surely has an effect on their sleep.

Aquarius Sleeping Habits

Sleeping Habits Aquarius ZodiacJanuary 20th to February 18th
They just don’t want to sleep and they will push their bodies to best possible times. They can spend time thinking, planning and dreaming but not sleeping. Yoga and meditation can help them a lot by helping them get sound sleep.

Pisces Sleeping Habits

Pisces sleeping habitsFebruary 19th to March 20th
Pisces can sleep for as long as 18 hours a day as they are born dreamers. These people are also susceptible to nightmares. Sleep is like a drug for people born under this zodiac as it keeps them going.

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