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Working of Birth Chart Compatibility

We often face similar questions haunting out heads. And one such question is that how does birth chart compatibility works? All of us think about the extent to which the predictions about relationship, happy marriage or divorce are effective based on the date of birth of a person. Are all Capricorns are attracted to Taurus sun signs? Do all Scorpions make good match with all Leos? Well obviously this is not true. These are generalized findings which do not conclude [...]

5 Things An Astrologer Considers for Relationship Compatibility

Astrological calculations are very much important in measuring the levels of compatibility between two individuals. In fact, whenever two people decide to go for a relationship, they are curious to know about their compatibility, levels of understanding and their romantic life so that they can enjoy a smooth association. This is essential to avoid any kind of bad experiences in romantic relationships. These days every individual wants to make sure that his marriage or love association is healthy as per [...]

Lady Love: Use Moon to Revitalize Your Love Relationship

Moon is one star which has the maximum effect on the romantic relationships. It has the strongest effect on your feelings and emotions. Every month, Moon moves across all the 12 zodiac signs where it spends almost two and a half days in every sign. And this movement is largely responsible for the compatibility between you and your partner. Journey of moon is studied to know about your emotions and that’s the reason why movements of Lady Love are so [...]

Styles of Handling Breakup by Different Zodiac Signs

Every sun sign is unique as stars play an effective role in making them fall in love thereby influencing their relationship. It is due to the influence of planetary positions that we behave in a specific manner in dealing with love and life. This article talks about how each astrological zodiac sign behaves and handles a breakup. Aries’ Behavior on Breakup People born under Aries sun sign will either go completely crazy or would not even pay any heed to [...]

5 Important Things to Know About Sun Sign Compatibility

When we talk about a relationship, the most important thing that we all are curious to know about is our compatibility with that person. We want to know how well the frequencies are going to match, how effective will be our understanding. This is very much important for the success of the relationship. If you also want to know about what points to consider reaching on to conclude the compatibility, here are the 5 important things which are essential in [...]

The Worst 6 Astrological Romantic Associations

To be able to have a compatibility with your partner, it is very necessary that your planets have some coordination. Without the right equations, no zodiacs can match with each other. This is because the elements these sun signs represent, they sometimes do not jell well because of which there is a discord. This post talks about the 5 most difficult romantic relationships are per astrology that just don’t fit in with each other. Let us have a look at [...]

Have Waited for Too Long in Love?

Some people are very lucky in love as they are able to find their soul mate without much wait and efforts. But some people spend months and years waiting for the love of their life. They sometimes feel that all that is never going to end. They start having doubts on existence of their romantic partner. Time has an important role to play when it comes to love relationships. Meeting a person whom you will share the most amazing equations [...]

Significance of Horoscope Compatibility for Successful Marriage

Marriage is one of the most beautiful and important relationships in life. It is the most significant event of life. Whenever a person is exchanging vows, he or she hopes for a lifetime association which is full of love, affection, understanding, compatibility and care. One wants that romance and understanding in his or her relationship stays for life. It is the biggest event of one’s life and therefore one expects to ensure that it is going to be peaceful and [...]

Astrological Advice for a Successful Job Interview

Being able to find the right job is like the best thing that can happen to someone who is looking for a good job for weeks. Well, it is seriously not easy to find a good job and hence you must make sure that you are able to deliver your best performance when you go for an interview. You can increase your chances of getting selected in the interview by following some astrological tips that can help you have an [...]

How To Feel More Gratitude

When we are small, we always remember to be grateful for all small things people do for us. We even say our prayers without fail before having our meals but as we grow up, we start forgetting the good things that our parents and teachers had taught us. We all know that expressing gratitude towards those who have been helpful to us in various big and small things is the sweetest gesture which never costs anything rather helps us earn [...]